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  • The Fading of the Light

    28 Aug 2009 by CST

    The sad passing of Glasgow's Reverend Ernest Levy has been marked not only by the Jewish Community, but by a wide cross-section of Scottish society. Reverend Levy's survival of the Holocaust was itself remarkable: but it was his dignity, humanity and morality that made him a national figure. His obituary in t…

  • "Irresponsible hate speech cloaked as journalism"

    26 Aug 2009 by CST

    Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, has written an excellent open letter concerning the 'Aftonbladet' controversy, in which Sweden's largest daily paper alleged that Israeli soldiers "harvested" the organs of Palestinians. Kantor's letter includes important points that sections of the British media could also learn from. For example: "...T…

  • The Holocaust: A "real-world experience"?

    26 Aug 2009 by CST

    Anti-Zionist facts and anti-Zionist fictions are impossible to define to everyone's satisfaction.  Given the labyrinthine history of Jews, Muslims, Christians, antisemitism, Zionism, Europe and the Middle East, everyone has their own version of fact and fiction, history and myth, persecution and resistance. Nevertheless, we are entitled to expect minimum standards from …

  • 24 Aug 2009 by CST

    The News of the World featured a sickening expose of racism at the British National Party's so-called Red, White and Blue family festival. The article began:     Angel-faced racist aged 12 Girl burns golly at BNP fun day GUILTY: Golly 'Winston' is held by girl before being dropped on the fire   SICK SALU…

  • More "problematic cliches" about Nazi Israel at the Guardian

    21 Aug 2009 by CST

    It is neither CST's role nor wish to enter the often overheated debate as to whether or not criticism of Israel in the Guardian - and its highly successful online variant, Comment is Free (CiF) - is fair, balanced or proportionate.  Nevertheless, there are far too many occasions when the anti-Is…

  • Recycling Old Libels

    20 Aug 2009 by CST

    This article (below), by Arieh Kovler, Director of the Fair Play Campaign Group is copied from the EISCA website. It discusses the reappearance of ancient antisemitic myths within contemporary anti-Israel charges: in this particular instance, the accusation that Jews murder non-Jews in order to use their blood and body parts. The a…

  • Nazi Abuse

    19 Aug 2009 by CST

    The video below is currently doing the rounds on Youtube and numerous blogs. It was filmed at a health care debate in Las Vegas and shows a woman shouting "Heil Hitler" at an Israeli man who is praising Israel's health care system. This may not be the straight forward case of …

  • Bad Company

    17 Aug 2009 by CST

    An American white supremacist, Preston Wiginton, was prevented?by Heathrow immigration officials from attending this weekend's British National Party summer bash, the?Red, White and Blue 'festival'.?? The BNP's?leader Nick Griffin?is seeking respectability for both himself and his party. This is no easy task, and it won't be…

  • John Rees, Islam Channel, the Stop The War Coalition and the (H)(h)olocaust

    13 Aug 2009 by CST

    In late July, the Stop the War Coalition posted on its website an 18-minute YouTube film and accompanying précis about the Arab-Israel/Palestine-Israel conflict. It is narrated by the coalition’s very own John Rees and is produced by the Islam Channel as part of its “Timeline” history series. The…

  • Antisemitic abuse in Aberystwyth

    13 Aug 2009 by CST

    Cambrian News reports on the abuse of Jewish visitors to Aberystwyth: A JEWISH visitor to Aberystwyth was subjected to disgusting ‘Heil Hitler’ chants by a group of youths in the town centre. There have also been reports of scraps of paper with swastikas on them littering the road near the P…

  • Who uses the IHRC's research?

    12 Aug 2009 by CST

    In May of this year, the Islamic Human Rights Commission published an attack on CST, based on articles written by CST staff and published on our website, which claimed that CST deliberately deceives people about Islam and Muslims in order to generate Islamophobia. Their briefing was full of mistakes, misattributions,…

  • Horst Mahler loses appeal

    11 Aug 2009 by CST

    Horst Mahler, the far left terrorist-turned-far right Holocaust Denier, has lost his appeal against a six year prison sentence for Holocaust Denial and anti-Jewish incitement: A German federal court on Tuesday upheld the Holocaust denial conviction of a founding member of a left-wing terrorist group turned neo-Nazi, saying he must…

  • Caveat emptor

    10 Aug 2009 by CST

    Today's Daily Mirror reveals that Julian Leppert, a BNP councillor in Redbridge, north east London, has a car with a number plate that somehow feels quite appropriate: A senior BNP member has caused outrage - by driving a car with a number plate that looks like "Nazi". British National Party…

  • Desecrations in Russia and Belarus

    6 Aug 2009 by CST

    JTA reports on the antisemitic desecrations of a Jewish cemetery in Russia, and a Holocaust memorial in Belarus: Vandals struck a cemetery in Russia and a Holocaust memorial in Belarus. Some 60 gravestones were vandalized in the Jewish section of a cemetery in the Russian city of Tver, according to a…

  • German panel on antisemitism announced

    6 Aug 2009 by CST

    The German government has announced the formation of a panel of experts to monitor and investigate antisemitism in Germany, and recommend measures to combat it. The commission appears to be inspired by the success of Britain's Parliamentary Inquiry model, although it takes a different format. Separately, a German Holocaust Denier h…

  • Counting hate crimes

    5 Aug 2009 by CST

    The Voice of America website has two interesting articles about the surge in antisemitic incidents recorded in many different countries, including the UK, in the early part of 2009, and on the need for stronger action by governments to deal with the problem. The second article quotes the New York-based group…

  • Sniffing out

    4 Aug 2009 by CST

    Richard Ingrams, in trying to explain why he holds out little hope that the Iraq war inquiry will confirm his opinion of the conflict, helpfully informs his Independent readers that two of the members of the Iraq war inquiry panel – Sir Martin Gilbert and Sir Lawrence Freedman – are “Jewish historians”. He …

  • Jeff Steinberg

    3 Aug 2009 by CST

    George Galloway and Press TV have been found to be in breach of Ofcom's rules on impartiality, after complaints were made about some of his shows on the Iranian-backed station during the fighting between Israel and Hamas in January. The Ofcom ruling sheds light on one curious aspect of the…

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