December 2009 Blog Archive

  • Arbeit Macht Frei and the mass market for Nazism

    22 Dec 2009 by CST

    The theft of the Arbeit Macht Frei sign from the entrance to Auschwitz is a reminder that the vast consumer market for Nazism owes far more to the pornography of horror than it does to either military history, or sympathy for Nazism. Thankfully, the sign, stolen in the early hours…

  • Financial Times letter: end Jewish myths and save America from its Jewish lobby

    14 Dec 2009 by CST

    On 4th December, the Guardian published an immediate and complete apology for a letter that had appeared upon its letters page the previous day. CST covered the story, here and here. (The letter, upon close scrutiny, advocated Holocaust Denial. A ‘Google’ search of the author showed that whilst he was no…

  • Happy Chanukah!

    11 Dec 2009 by CST

    CST wishes everyone a Happy Chanukah and a safe and peaceful holiday season. Blogging here will be very light over the next couple of weeks, but normal service will be resumed in January.

  • Erasing the line - antisemitism and anti-Zionism

    11 Dec 2009 by CST

    This is a cross-post from Mark Wolfson at the Union of Jewish Students blog "Your life will be hell!" bellowed Bongani Masuku at a crowded meeting at Wits University in South Africa. The International Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has been leading the drive to m…

  • Bongani Masuku, hate speech and the University and College Union

    8 Dec 2009 by CST

    A statement from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Community Security Trust and the Jewish Leadership Council As British Jewish community organisations, we believe that racism in all its forms must be confronted. We have a history of working together with allies throughout British civil society, to foster an…

  • From Jews to Muslims

    8 Dec 2009 by CST

    Oliver Miles, the former Foreign Office diplomat who objected to there being two Jews on the Iraq War Inquiry panel, has written to the Jewish Chronicle to clarify his views. The letter does not appear to be online, so I will reproduce it in full here (with links added): In…

  • Holocaust denial: Recognised and removed from Guardian

    4 Dec 2009 by CST

    On 3rd December, the Guardian letters page printed a letter by John Mortl that appeared to allude to Holocaust denial. CST discussed the letter with the Holocaust Educational Trust, following which HET’s Paul Evans wrote an excellent analysis of it for CST’s blog. This showed that our initial s…

  • Tis the Season to be Racist

    4 Dec 2009 by CST

    The video below shows an argument between a pro-Israel demonstrator and an anti-Zionist of apparently Christian English origin, who says that his name is “John Sullivan”. In the space of about four minutes we see John Sullivan lurching from attacks on Jews, to attacks on Judaism, to attacks on Zionists, t…

  • Still not Fooled by Islamophobia

    4 Dec 2009 by CST

    Stephen Gash, leader of the Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) group has criticised CST blog for its condemnation of SIOE’s Islamophobic cartoon. (In this CST blog article, “Don’t be Fooled by Islamophobia”.) The cartoon was shown in the original CST blog article. We will not publish it again, as …

  • Holocaust Denial: unrecognised on Guardian letters page?

    3 Dec 2009 by CST

    This is a guest post by Paul Evans of the Holocaust Educational Trust. A letter about the John Demjanjuk trial appears in today's Guardian, which asks “What kind of justice is it that proscribes the normally accepted right of the accused to challenge the assumption that a crime had, in f…

  • Opposing Zionism, supporting National Socialism

    3 Dec 2009 by CST

    A Czech neo-Nazi has been convicted of incitement to racial hatred for comments he made about Jews, at a far right event he had organised in Plzen in March. The march was intended to be a protest "against Zionism": Czech Tomas Babka, 22, was Friday sentenced to 300 hours of community work…

  • Two men convicted for Nazi salutes outside BNP festival

    2 Dec 2009 by CST

    The Derby Telegraph reports that two men have been convicted of racially aggravated harassment, for giving Nazi salutes to protestors outside the BNP's Red, White & Blue festival in August this year. One of the convicted men, Saville Davies, was on his way to the festival at the time of…