January 2010 Blog Archive

  • Mahathir Mohamad on "the depradations of the Jews"

    28 Jan 2010 by CST

    In 2003, then Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad caused an international storm when he told an international Islamic conference that "the Jews rule this world by proxy": 1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews. There must be a way. And we can only find a way if…

  • Holocaust Memorial Day 2010

    27 Jan 2010 by CST

    Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. This film, The Legacy of Hope, is from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

  • In harmony against racism

    26 Jan 2010 by CST

    Tomorrow, Holocaust Memorial Day will mark the 65th anniversary of the liberation of  Auschwitz-Birkenau.  The Orthodox Jewish website Vos iz Neias reports on a fascinating and innovative anti-racist partnership in Berlin between Auschwitz survivor Esther Bejarano and 'Microphone Mafia', a Cologne-based group of rappers of Turkish immigrant origin. In its own s…

  • Michael Gove MP on Holocaust Memorial Day and contemporary antisemitism

    25 Jan 2010 by CST

    Michael Gove MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, has an important opinion piece in today's Daily Telegraph on the connections between Holocaust Memorial Day and contemporary antisemitism. It is reproduced below, in full. We are still in the shadow of the Holocaust This Wednesday we…

  • UCU, lies and institutional racism

    22 Jan 2010 by CST

    Today's Jewish Chronicle carries another report of the sad phenomenon whereby Jews are accused of lying when they have the temerity to mention the word antisemitism in the context of anything connected to Israel.   Three days ago, CST blog noted a series of seminars on antisemitism and the Holocaust, held by Un…

  • How low can Press TV sink?

    20 Jan 2010 by CST

    The ongoing disaster in Haiti has quite rightly gripped the attention and touched the emotions of the whole world, since the earthquake a week ago. Countries from all round the world have sent money, supplies, doctors, medical equipment and rescue personnel to help in the aid and rescue effort. Israel…

  • Engaging with UCU

    19 Jan 2010 by CST

    David Hirsh, a leading figure in the Engage grouping, and one of Britain's foremost thinkers and campaigners against antisemitism, has addressed a "seminar" on antisemitism and the Holocaust, organised by the University and College Union (UCU). Professor Robert Fine, another leading figure  in the struggle against contemporary antisemitism is also due to…

  • On "Defamation" and antisemitism

    15 Jan 2010 by CST

    Israeli film maker Yoav Shamir's documentary, “Defamation”, was broadcast by Channel 4's More4 channel on Tuesday 12th January. The film, as trailed by both Channel 4 and top listings magazine, Radio Times, was certainly aptly titled. Channel 4 listed the film as follows The True Stories strand, which showcases the best international f…

  • Imitation is not always flattery

    13 Jan 2010 by CST

    Imitation is not always flattery One year one from the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and southern Israel, many people are looking back at events during and after that conflict to learn lessons and see how, or whether at all, peace can be made between Israel and the…

  • In memory and with everlasting gratitude

    12 Jan 2010 by CST

    Sadly, another witness to the reality of Nazism and the Holocaust has passed away. It is impossible for the imagination to grasp the scale of evil represented by Nazism and the Holocaust, but Miep Gies left the world a uniquely valuable legacy: for this woman not only helped to hide Anne F…

  • Lord Haw Haw: then and now

    8 Jan 2010 by CST

    The Winter 2009 edition of Common Ground, the magazine of The Council of Christians and Jews, examines the subject of antisemitism. The magazine itself is  not yet available online, but it begins with an intriguing editorial bv CCJ's Chief Executive, David Gifford, and an overview of antisemitism in 2009 by CST's Director of …

  • Security: scanner mania vs. profiling

    6 Jan 2010 by CST

    The failed “Christmas Day bomb plot” of Northwest Airlines flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit has led to heated debate concerning what could, would or should have been done to prevent the attack from having occurred. Thankfully, the debate has matured somewhat from February 2003, when the deployment of troops at Heathrow w…

  • A New Year's Resolution

    4 Jan 2010 by CST

    There is yet to be a satisfactory solution to the problem of antisemitic comments being posted on the comment threads of mainstream media blogs. Some, like The Times, choose to pre-moderate comments; the Guardian's Comment Is Free post-moderates; some do not moderate at all. Damian Thompson, at the Telegraph, has com…