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  • Why is this lobby different?

    29 Mar 2010 by CST

     Tonight marks the beginning of Pesach (Passover), when Jewish families come together in Seder ceremonies to recall the Exodus from Egypt.  For most, the highlight of the Seder ceremony is the reading of the Four Questions, when the youngest participant asks their elders,  Ma nishtana ha layla ha zeh? (Which me…

  • Lashkar-e-Taiba's Jewish problem

    26 Mar 2010 by CST

    Introduction For years, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) has increasingly demonstrated violent global ambitions beyond the South Asian theatre; however, the antisemitic component to its target selection has only more recently been demonstrated. LeT’s infamous information gatherer, David Coleman Headley, pleaded guilty in the United States in March 2010 to all twelve charges …

  • The Independent: Jewish Lobbies and Grovelling American Presidents

    25 Mar 2010 by CST

    Last year on 14 March 2009 I had a letter published in the Independent newspaper concerning the failure of its commentator, Rupert Cornwell, to distinguish between Israelis, pro-Israelis and Jews when writing of the supposedly oh-so-powerful Lobby. (You know the one, its not really American but it works out of Congress and th…

  • Nick Griffin and The Four Million Variant

    24 Mar 2010 by CST

    Total Politics has published an extensive interview with BNP leader Nick Griffin, which covers a lot of ground. I only want to address one aspect of it: his continued refusal to acknowledge the facts of the Holocaust. After trying to dodge the question several times, which Iain Dale to his…

  • Is everyone Jewish on Google?

    22 Mar 2010 by CST

    A few weeks ago there was outrage in certain areas of the blogosphere about the suggested results given by Google when the terms “Arabs are” and “why do Arabs” is typed into the search engine.  These posts have generally accused Google and/or its users of racism because some of the …

  • Auschwitz theft convictions

    18 Mar 2010 by CST

    One of the more disturbing antisemitic crimes of recent times is approaching a resolution: A Polish court has convicted three men for stealing the infamous "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign from the former Auschwitz death camp last December. The trio were given jail sentences ranging up to two-and-a-half years. The court…

  • Perspectives on antisemitism

    16 Mar 2010 by CST

    A new CST publication, Perspectives on antisemitism (pdf), brings together the thoughts and ideas of some of the members of CST's Advisory Board about antisemitism, racism, society and CST's work. Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks: Antisemitism may begin with Jews, but it never ends with them. The reason is that, in …

  • John Pilger & New Statesman: same old story

    12 Mar 2010 by CST

    On 2 March I posted an article expressing concern about John Pilger: and, more importantly, about what would appear to be the repeated failure of his publishers at the New Statesman to moderate or edit his rhetoric concerning Zionism and Jews.  I summarised my concerns in a letter to the New St…

  • Lady GaGa's nose

    10 Mar 2010 by CST

    This is a guest post by Danny Stone, Director of the Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism For a long time now I have been buying Q magazine. I saw it as an in-depth, broader publication than the NME which I also enjoy. I had been saving it for some light reading b…

  • Stop The Chutzpah

    7 Mar 2010 by CST

    A meeting was held in Parliament on Tuesday, organised by the Stop The War Coalition (STWC), Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), to protest about the fact that people who committed crimes on the anti-Israel demonstrations in January 2009 have received what they consider to be heavy se…

  • Ernst Zundel and the BNP

    5 Mar 2010 by CST

    Ernst Zundel, veteran Holocaust Denier and the author of The Hitler We Loved And Why, was released from Mannheim Prison in Germany on Monday after serving five years for Holocaust Denial. He was greeted by a small gathering of friends and supporters, as you can watch here (Zundel appears after…

  • John Pilger & New Statesman: still an anti-kosher conspiracy?

    2 Mar 2010 by CST

    The 11 February 2010 edition of the New Statesman, ‘Everything You Know About Islam Is Wrong’ was devoted to demanding clarity, precision and understanding in the way that the media and public discuss issues concerning Muslims, Islam, political Islamism and extreme Jihadist terrorism. Its editorial stated  Fear and ignorance are a toxic co…

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“Since 2003, CST has been a stalwart supporter of ODIHR in its efforts to effectively monitor antisemitic hate crime in the OSCE Region. With its rigorous methodology and innovative partnerships with the British police, it is viewed by many as representing the gold standard for NGO responses to all forms of hate crime. I wish CST all success in its exciting new phase of work.”

Michael Georg Link
OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights