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  • Fighting hate crime in Manchester

    28 May 2010 by CST

    Today's Jewish Chronicle has an interview with Chief Constable Peter Fahy of Greater Manchester Police. GMP have made great efforts to tackle antisemitic hate crime in recent years, and work closely with CST and the Jewish community. The JC quotes Chief Constable Fahy emphasising the need to report incidents to…

  • CST Elections Report 2010

    26 May 2010 by CST

    CST's report into the performance of extremist and fringe parties in the recent elections is now available on the CST website. The report includes full result tables for the BNP, National Front, some smaller far right parties and Respect in the general and local elections. The BNP stood a…

  • Numerus Clausus

    25 May 2010 by CST

    Stuart Littlewood at the anti-Zionist website Redress has spotted a problem with the composition of the new Parliament: “Proportional Representation” is a big buzz-word in the UK these days. It implies fairer voting and fairer government. It is claimed to give minorities a better chance of being heard and therefore, t…

  • The Muslim Brotherhood: The Organization and Policies of a Global Islamist Movement - Part two

    25 May 2010 by CST

    In this extract from The Muslim Brotherhood: The Organization and Policies of a Global Islamist Movement, Dave Rich looks at the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and parts of the far left in Britain: In April 2002, with the second intifada at its height, the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)&nbsp…

  • The Muslim Brotherhood: The Organization and Policies of a Global Islamist Movement

    24 May 2010 by CST

    Today's Open Democracy features an interview with Osama Hamdan, the Hamas representative in Lebanon, by Manuela Paraipan. Paraipan introduces the interview by describing the development of Hamas in this way: Hamas began life as a paramilitary group. That had some temporary appeal but was bound to be a short to…

  • BNP Councillor: "about 300,000 people died in the Jewish Holocaust"

    21 May 2010 by CST

    On 5 May, the Nothing British About the BNP group revealed this ugly photograph, showing Stoke on Trent's first BNP councillor, Steve Batkin, posing in front a war memorial.  Batkin is on the far right of the photograph. (Any pun here is entirely accidental.&nbsp…

  • Desecrations in Greece, arson in Germany

    18 May 2010 by CST

    In Greece, a Holocaust memorial on the island of Rhodes has been damaged by unknown assailants: The unidentified vandals used a heavy object in their attempt to smash the Magen David on one façade of the granite-made Rhodes monument, which was damaged and cracked. In letters to the…

  • Polish football fans: "Death to the Hooked Noses"

    17 May 2010 by CST

    Five Polish football fans have been arrested for displaying antisemitic banners at a match in Rzeszow, southern Poland, two weeks ago: The banners were unfurled by fans of Resovia Rzeszow during a match Saturday against local rival Stala Rzeszow. One depicted a caricatured man with a large hooked nose wearing…

  • In Memory of Our Dear Friend, “Lady J”

    13 May 2010 by CST

    CST has lost one of its most cherished friends and comrades with the sad passing of Rebbetzen Lady Amelie Jakobovits. Her name to all of us was simply “Lady J”. It was, and will remain, a name that leaves a smile on your face when you say it. CST’s re…

  • Dieudonne on Press TV

    10 May 2010 by CST

    Last month, the French performer Dieudonné Mbala Mbala visited London where he had some trouble finding a venue to perform his latest show, due to his record of antisemitic statements in France. This was one of an increasing number of visits to the UK by Dieudonné; in January,…

  • Mearsheimer's Lists

    7 May 2010 by CST

    It is a curious fact that many of the academics and professors who so eagerly bash Israel and Zionism, do so whilst moonlighting from other issues in which they are actually specialist, but don’t seem quite so animated about. When a professor uses their own academic field to bash …

  • How many antisemitic themes can you fit into one website?

    4 May 2010 by CST

    A row has brewed up at Leeds University, where an edition of Leeds Student newspaper has been pulled because of a comment in an interview with Sameh Habeeb, editor of the Palestine Telegraph website. Specifically, when asked whether mainstream news organisations have a hidden agenda, Habeeb replied: They are certainly…

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