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  • January-June 2010 Antisemitic Incidents Report

    30 Jul 2010 by CST

    CST has issued its antisemitic incidents report for January-June 2010 .  The report (in pdf form) may be read in full here and reveals a mixed picture, with incident levels having fallen from 2009 but still higher than in most other years.   The report shows…

  • Oliver Stone: “Conspiracy Theorist: Who, Me...???”

    28 Jul 2010 by CST

    Film director, Oliver Stone, famously knows a thing or three about conspiracies. Odd then, that when telling the Sunday Times about his next project, the "Secret History of America” he should have fallen foul of the hoary old one about Jews running the world. Stone’s comments appeared at t…

  • "By the Rivers of Babylon": Denying Jewish History

    23 Jul 2010 by CST

    Now, from the very deepest depths of ‘whatever will they think of next’ comes news that iconic 1970s pop group, Boney M, were requested by the organisers of the Palestine International Festival in Ramallah to not sing their hit number, “By the Rivers of Babylon”. Regrettably - for the many of …

  • Universal Jurisdiction, the early years

    22 Jul 2010 by CST

    The Jewish Chronicle reports that the government has announced measures to amend the law on universal jurisdiction for war crimes. The proposed change will take the power to issue an arrest warrant out of the hands of local magistrates, so that it rests solely with the Director of Public Prosecutions.…

  • The Lod Airport massacre and revolutionary terrorism

    22 Jul 2010 by CST

    An American court has awarded punitive damages of $300 million against North Korea, for its role in the massacre of tourists at Israel's Lod Airport in 1972. The terrorist attack was carried out by three members of the Japanese Red Army (JRA), working with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine …

  • The subterranean world

    19 Jul 2010 by CST

    There are some standard tropes about Jews which recur in antisemitic discourse in different contexts and countries, and have done so for centuries. They normally include, for example, that Jews are atypically cruel and bloodthirsty, particularly towards children; that they view non-Jews as somehow sub-human; that they conspire together…

  • A window on the BNP leadership

    15 Jul 2010 by CST

    The BNP leadership contest, in which party leader Nick Griffin is being challenged by veteran far right activist Eddy Butler, is dragging the party down into a pit of bitter infighting and petty squabbles. Meanwhile the party's financial problems continue to escalate. The ongoing case…

  • "Bloody Jews", a new academic term

    13 Jul 2010 by CST

    Eve Garrard, writing on Normblog, tells a distressing story of a recent encounter with antisemitism: 'Bloody Jews,' he said. 'Bloody Jews, bugger the Jews, I've no sympathy for them.' I gazed at him, aghast. Where had this suddenly come from? The encounter I'm here describing took place very…

  • The decency of antisemitism

    8 Jul 2010 by CST

    I wrote yesterday about the utter blind spot that most Western observers have shown to Sheikh Fadlallah's antisemitism, in their reactions to his death. That post was prompted by an obituary on the website of Hezbollah's al-Manar TV, which quoted with some pride the views of a…

  • Ayatollah Fadlallah: obituary of an antisemite

    7 Jul 2010 by CST

    Hezbollah's al-Manar TV has published an obituary of Grand Ayatollah Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah, who died in Lebanon on Sunday, and it makes for eye opening reading. According to al-Manar, Fadlallah encouraged suicide bombing, including against Israeli women and children; believed in a Zionist conspiracy to stretch Israel's borders from the…

  • The Drip, Drip, Drip of Criticism and Hatred

    6 Jul 2010 by CST

    In recent days, I have seen seven ostensibly different news stories and events that show the drip, drip, drip of criticism and hatred of Jews, Zionism and Israel. Depressingly, there is nothing special whatsoever about these last few days. There have been no flood alerts, just the usual&nbsp…

  • The Mavi Marmara Metaphor

    6 Jul 2010 by CST

    I have written an article for Standpoint magazine's website, discussing what the Gaza flotilla tells us about the state of the alliance between Islamists and leftists in Europe: The working alliance between Islamists and leftists in Britain emerged out of anti-Israel demonstrations after the start of the second…

  • Aryan Strike Force

    1 Jul 2010 by CST

    Following the convictions of two more members of the neo-Nazi Aryan Strike Force last week, the Jewish Chronicle has a fascinating background article detailing the antisemitism and violent fantasies of the group: They were two anonymous houses in anonymous suburban terraces. But when police arrived with search warrants they found…

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