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  • A new low for Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

    29 Oct 2010 by CST

    There was a time, not so long ago, when Holocaust denial was considered too toxic for secular leftist anti-Israel activists to touch. Not any more, because the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) is now using the winning entry from Iran’s notorious Holocaust cartoon competition of 2006. (See here, on SPSC …

  • Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Diplomatic Progress in Combating Antisemitism

    27 Oct 2010 by CST

    The Autumn 2010 edition of the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, features a detailed article by CST’s Mike Whine on recent and contemporary international diplomatic efforts against antisemitism.  The extensively footnoted article is entitled, “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Diplomatic Progress in Combating Antisemitism” and a full pdf of it m…

  • Building bridges between British Jews and Muslims

    25 Oct 2010 by CST

    The September 2010 edition of Government Gazette contains an article by CST's Mark Gardner, entitled "Building bridges between Britain's Jews and Muslims to build community cohesion". It is closely based upon the below piece and is especially timely given current and recent attempts by the English Defence League and the British National …

  • Successful prosecution for online hate

    22 Oct 2010 by CST

    The Jewish Chronicle reports on an important case in the efforts to combat online antisemitism and other forms of hatred on blogs and message boards. In March 2008, Mohammed Sandia posted the following comment, amongst others, on the online forum of The Scotsman newspaper: jews are not fit to breathe our…

  • Four convicted of plotting to bomb New York synagogues

    19 Oct 2010 by CST

    Four men have been convicted in New York of plotting to bomb two synagogues and shoot down  military aircraft. Their plot was monitored throughout by the FBI, who supplied them with fake explosives: Four men have today been found guilty of 30 out of 32 counts stemming from the May 2009 plot to …

  • The reality of the EDL

    15 Oct 2010 by CST

    Today's Jewish Chronicle has excellent coverage of the English Defence League, in which CST is prominently quoted: Mark Gardner, Community Security Trust communications director, said: "The EDL's Jewish branch is a tiny part of a far larger movement, dominated by white males who would previously have made up National Front…

  • Abe Foxman: speak out against anti-Muslim bigotry

    12 Oct 2010 by CST

    Below is an opinion piece by Abe Foxman, the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, which is based on a speech he gave at the ADL's Annual Meeting in Boston on 7th October. It is written for the American context, but its central warning of the dangers posed by a gr…

  • To Terrorise, Or Not To Terrorise

    8 Oct 2010 by CST

    The Independent newspaper (5 Oct 2010) carried a story that typifies the confusion and complexity of anti-Islamist terrorism strategies. It concerns Mumbai-based Islamist preacher, Dr Zakir Naik, and has previously been reported elsewhere in print and at some length on the Internet. To summarise, Dr Naik is challenging the decision of Home Sec…

  • The BNP, anti-fascism today and the Jewish community

    5 Oct 2010 by CST

    CST and the PCAA Foundation held our third party conference fringe meeting on Sunday, at Conservative party conference. The panel featured Andrew Rosindell MP, Councillor Robert Rams, James Bethell of the 'Nothing British about the BNP' campaign and Mark Gardner from CST. Previous fringe events had included contributions from Tom …

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Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
Senior Rabbi, Reform Judaism