December 2010 Blog Archive

  • Terrorist case - targeting of Synagogues and Rabbis

    28 Dec 2010 by CST

    Court hearings began yesterday, 27 December, of nine men arrested in counter-terror raids in Cardiff, London, Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent on 20 December. The court heard that two synagogues and their Rabbis were amongst a wider range of potential targets of the accused. CST had been previously briefed by Police and we have…

  • Season's greetings to all our readers

    23 Dec 2010 by CST

    Blogging will be light here over the next couple of weeks, so we take this opportunity to wish everybody a safe and peaceful holiday season.

  • Let's recognise our friends

    22 Dec 2010 by CST

    The Jewish Chronicle website carries the following op-ed by Richard Benson , Chief Executive of CST. -----   On 8 December, the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, wrote to me, announcing government funding for the security guards at 39 voluntary aided Jewish schools. He said the funding, should fully meet…

  • The pernicious, tired world of conspiracies

    17 Dec 2010 by CST

    There is an excellent article on the Morning Star website, called The pernicious, tired world of conspiracies, which explains the problems and weaknesses of attempts to explain the world through conspiracy theories. The author, Colin Todhunter, writes: Why bother having an informed understanding of the dynamics of the modern world…

  • Iranian Revolution: Lessons Learnt?

    15 Dec 2010 by CST

    A previously confidential Foreign and Commonwealth Office report (large pdf, here), officially released on 15 December by the FCO, suggests some foundational answers to the commonly asked questions regarding Britain's apparent tolerance and accommodation of Islamist groups of varying extremes throughout the 1990s.&nbsp…

  • Government report on tackling antisemitism released

    15 Dec 2010 by CST

    The British government has today released a report (pdf) assessing the progress made in implementing the recommendations of the 2006 All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism. The report charts the work done by the Cross-Government Working Group on Antisemitism, which includes representatives from ten government departments, the Association of Chief Police…

  • Exclude Pastor Jones

    13 Dec 2010 by CST

    Update, within hours of posting the below article, CST has seen an EDL statement in which they say that contrary to media reports, they did not invite Pastor Jones to speak, but that he had approached them and they had agreed "in principle". However, EDL…

  • Blood libel in paradise

    9 Dec 2010 by CST

    The contemporary blood libel about Israelis or Jews stealing the body parts of non-Jews, which was unleashed in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet in August last year, shows no signs of abating. We have written before on this blog about its promotion in the UK by the Iranian state broadcaster Press…

  • Government announces funding for security at Jewish faith schools

    8 Dec 2010 by CST

    Earlier today the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove MP, wrote to CST to announce that the Government has agreed to provide financial assistance for the payment of security guards at all 39 Jewish Voluntary Aided faith schools in England. CST has held discussions with the Department for Education about…

  • First Hamas came for the Jews, the Christians and the Communists.

    8 Dec 2010 by CST

    Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) carries footage and a transcript from a video of 3 December 2010, shown on the official Hamas run television channel, Al Aqsa TV.  PMW describe it as a "sermon" and provide the following translation Allah, oh our Lord, vanquish Your enemies, enemies of the…

  • OpenDemocracy and Zionist conspiracies

    7 Dec 2010 by CST

    OpenDemocracy is a news, commentary and analysis website that claims in its mission statement: openDemocracy publishes high quality news analysis, debates and blogs about the world and the way we govern ourselves. We are not about any one set of issues, but about principles and the arguments and debates about…

  • BBC World Service documentary on antisemitism

    6 Dec 2010 by CST

    The BBC World Service has produced a two-part series about modern antisemitism in Europe. The first programme features CST's Mark Gardner, amongst many other interviewees. The series website explains: In this two-part series for Heart and Soul, Wendy Robbins takes a personal journey into the heart of Europe, where fears…

  • MEMO: "Creating New Perspectives"...or reycling old ones?

    2 Dec 2010 by CST

    Middle East Monitor (MEMO) is a pro-Palestinian activist group that recently took a small delegation of MPs and journalists to “the West Bank and Israel”, including Labour MPs, Jeremy Corbyn and Andrew Slaughter; and Seumas Milne (columnist and Associate Editor of the Guardian). MEMO’s website describes itself as in…

  • Happy Chanukah!

    1 Dec 2010 by CST