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  • Here We Are, Gerald Kaufman Again

    31 Mar 2011 by CST

    Imagine the outcry if Diane Abott MP got up to speak in the House of Commons, and behind her, on the backbenches, a fellow MP was overheard muttering Here we are, the blacks again   Imagine the bemused confusion that would follow when it emerged that the MP who…

  • CST and the Board of Deputies of British Jews Call For Closure of Facebook “Intifada” Site

    29 Mar 2011 by CST

        The Board of Deputies of British Jews and CST (Community Security Trust) have received scores of enquiries and complaints regarding an Arabic language Facebook page calling for a “Third Palestinian Intifada”. The Board and CST are keenly aware that Middle East conflicts can often indirectly lead to s…

  • CST Joins EU Project to Tackle European Hate Crime

    24 Mar 2011 by CST

    The European Commission has given a substantial grant of over two hundred thousand Euros to CST and three other Non-Governmental Organisations from Belgium and the Netherlands, to improve monitoring and recording of hate crimes and incidents throughout the European Union. The Facing Facts! project is made up of the Brussels-based…

  • In Vino Veritas: Antisemitism, Alcohol and Purim

    18 Mar 2011 by CST

    Jewish history is a somewhat lengthy subject, and the Jewish calendar (which is lunar with a solar correction and hence differs from the Gregorian calendar or strictly lunar calendars) is punctuated throughout the year with festivals, commemorations and various special events. Combine the two and quite often an aspect of…

  • George Galloway on shifting sands

    11 Mar 2011 by CST

    George Galloway spoke at a meeting at the London School of Economics on Monday, in which, according to this Jewish Chronicle report, he made several astonishing statements. I wrote last week about the celebration of stupidity at LSE, but Galloway's performance is something else entirely. Despite his reputation as…

  • CST launches 'A Guide to Fighting Hate Crime'

    10 Mar 2011 by CST

    CST, supported by the Home Office, today publishes a new guide to help other minority communities establish their own hate crime monitoring systems. A Guide to Fighting Hate Crime was written by CST with the help of a grant from the Home Office Victims’ Fund. CST has recorded …

  • From Kosher Conspiracy to Seven Jewish Children

    9 Mar 2011 by CST

    Contemplation of the high (or low) points of contemporary British antisemitic discourse in recent years brings four episodes to mind, all of which are emblematic of the collapse in left-liberal elite sensitivities to antisemitism: 1.   January 2002. The New Statesman cover reading "A Kosher…

  • Prime Minister David Cameron at the CST Dinner

    3 Mar 2011 by CST

        Prime Minister David Cameron was the guest of honour at last night's CST Dinner, where an audience of 1,100 people, including cabinet ministers, shadow cabinet ministers, MPs, Chief Constables and other senior police officers heard the Prime Minister voice his support for CST and the Jewish community in the…

  • The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland, Antisemitism

    3 Mar 2011 by CST

    Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian (main feature of G2 section), has written an excellent comment piece on the state of antisemitism today. It should be read in full and can be found here. Freedland's crisp analysis covers many aspects of contemporary antisemitism, premised upon&nbsp…

  • Studying stupidity at LSE

    1 Mar 2011 by CST

    "Antisemitism", writes Anthony Julius in Trials of the Diaspora, "is an affair of ignorance, stupidity, and baleful prejudice." More than that, "antisemitic conspiracy theories comprise the great political stupidity of modern times". The same could be said for the 'Ziocentrism' displayed by people who explain everything that happens in the…

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“"The Guardian of Israel doesn't slumber or sleep". This feeling of safety and security that we search for and need is gratefully appreciated when it's given to us by the CST. It really is a pleasure to work with the CST and to be looked after and cared for by them. Where ever I go throughout Britain, in all our Synagogues from north to south the impact and help given by the CST is warmly valued.”

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
Senior Rabbi, Reform Judaism