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  • Guardian article regarding government funding for security guarding at Jewish schools

    27 Jan 2012 by CST

    CST is astonished that the Guardian has chosen to mark Holocaust Memorial Day by attacking the funding provided by the government to pay for security guarding at Jewish state schools in England and Wales. This funding is provided to protect Jewish schools against terrorism. This is a real threat: just…

  • Who defines antisemitism, and why does it matter?

    24 Jan 2012 by CST

    Ben Cohen has an excellent, thought-provoking article in this month's Commentary magazine, in which he asks whether it is Jews or antisemites who get to define the word "antisemitism", and why this matters: A blurb on a book jacket would seem an unlikely vehicle for the introduction of a new…

  • Terror plot targeting staff at Jewish school in Azerbaijan foiled

    23 Jan 2012 by CST

    Haaretz reports that the authorities in Azerbaijan have foiled an Iranian terror plot to kill staff at a Jewish school in Baku: Three men were detained last week after planning to attack two Israelis employed by a Jewish school in Baku, the Azerbaijan Ministry of National Security has revealed. Meanwhile,…

  • Criticising Israel, and attacking Jews

    18 Jan 2012 by CST

    Yesterday's Guardian included a very good article by Tanya Gold regarding antisemitic discourse and the recent incident of a Nazi-themed drinking game on a London School of Economics ski trip, which resulted in a Jewish participant in the trip having his nose broken after objecting to the game. Predictably, because…

  • LSE students, Nazi drinking games and antisemitic assault

    15 Jan 2012 by CST

    The London School of Economics student newspaper, The Beaver, today reports on an appalling antisemitic assault that took place on an LSE Athletics Union ski trip over the Christmas holidays: LSE students are facing disciplinary action after participating in a Nazi-themed drinking game during the Athletics Union’s ski …

  • MEMO confirms Raed Salah faces charges for inciting racism in Israel

    13 Jan 2012 by Dave Rich

    One of the central allegations against Israeli sheikh Raed Salah, which led the Home Secretary to order his exclusion from the United Kingdom, was that he made a speech in Jerusalem in 2007 which invoked the antisemitic 'blood libel' and which led to a riot, and that he faces charges in…

  • Zero tolerance and the principles of anti-racism

    9 Jan 2012 by CST

    Events surrounding Liverpool Football Club in recent weeks provide a good example of why certain principles of anti-racism are so important, and what happens when a 'zero tolerance' approach to racism appears to be compromised. Last month, the Football Association announced that Liverpool's star striker, Luis Suarez, had been found…

  • Justice for Stephen Lawrence

    3 Jan 2012 by Mark Gardner

    This new year has begun with those who murdered Stephen Lawrence having, at last, been brought to justice. Our thoughts are with Stephen's parents, Neville and Doreen Lawrence at this time; and also with his close friend Duwayne Brooks, who witnesed this senseless, racist…

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Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
Senior Rabbi, Reform Judaism