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  • Toulouse Tragedy: Learning the Lessons

    23 Mar 2012 by CST

    Today's Jewish Telegraph contains the following opinion piece from CST:   Toulouse Tragedy: Learning the Lessons As we try to come to terms with the dreadful shootings in Toulouse, we look to make some sense of what has happened and what lessons can be learned. In asking this,…

  • After Toulouse

    22 Mar 2012 by CST

    Today's Jewish Chronicle carries a CST opinion piece regarding communal security in the aftermath of the terrorist attack upon the Jewish community in Toulouse, France. As is normal, the Chronicle version is slightly edited from CST's original submission, which appears here in full and with its…

  • Toulouse shooting: suspect identified

    21 Mar 2012 by CST

    French police have identified Mohammed Merah, a French national with alleged connections to al-Qaeda, as the prime suspect for the murder of four people at a Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday. Merah is currently surrounded in his flat in Toulouse where he is armed and is refusing to surrender. …

  • Shooting at a Jewish School in France

    19 Mar 2012 by CST

    At least four people, including three children, have been killed in a shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse, south west France. CST is appalled by this senseless attack on innocent Jewish schoolchildren and teachers. We extend our deepest sympathy and solidarity to the French Jewish community at this tragic…

  • Milan synagogue: terror arrests in UK and Italy

    15 Mar 2012 by CST

    News agencies are reporting that British and Italian anti-terrorism police have this morning arrested two people on suspicion of involvement in a potential terrorist attack on a Milan synagogue. CST has been informed by Scotland Yard that there is no indication that UK…

  • The Economist’s Pathetic “Auschwitz Complex”

    9 Mar 2012 by CST

    According to an article by “M.S.” on the Economist blog, Israel and its Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu fear Iran because they suffer from “Auschwitz complex”. Furthermore, this “Auschwitz complex” supposedly links with the Jewish festivals of Purim and Passover. At its end, we are told that Netanyahu’s fears over I…

  • Boycott Kosher Goods

    6 Mar 2012 by CST

    Anti-Israel boycotts exemplify the highly charged debate over what is and isn't antisemitic in the context of anti-Israel campaigning. More accurately, they show the utter inadequacy of trying to pin "antisemitic" or "not antisemitic" labels upon anti-Israel actions. Targeting the kosher section of a supermarket is the sharp end of…

  • Jenny Tonge: contexts and responsibilities

    2 Mar 2012 by CST

    Jenny Tonge and the Liberal Democrats have parted company over her saying Israel is not going to be there forever in its present form. Let us be very clear, Jenny Tonge was not hauled over the coals by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg for actually being an antisemite, nor for…

  • CST Annual Dinner 2012

    1 Mar 2012 by CST

    CST’s Annual Dinner is the most important event in our fundraising calendar. This year’s dinner was a great success; and was attended by over 1,000 supporters and guests, including many partners and friends from the worlds of politics, policing, media, academia, anti-racism and counter-extremism. CST Board member, Mark Mishon, i…

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