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  • Boycott Israel: Zionists are “the most hateful people imaginable”

    25 May 2012 by CST

    The website of the London branch of the boycott Israel movement (the people who intend to disrupt next week’s Israeli performances of The Merchant of Venice), carries an article stating that Zionists are the most hateful people imaginable The boycott Israel article also describes Zionism as:  a murderous, …

  • Iran: how Zionist Jewish money runs Western media

    25 May 2012 by CST

    The old antisemitic lie about Jews running the media is not one you hear too often these days. Nevertheless, nods, winks and hints about media (especially American media), somehow bowing before a pro-Israel agenda remains painfully common in certain left media and activist circles. We hear how brave a…

  • Important EU study of antisemitism across Europe

    23 May 2012 by CST

    Fieldwork for a major survey on Jewish perceptions and experiences of antisemitism in Europe begins this week.   The study will be conducted by the UK-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) in partnership with Ipsos MORI. Conducted on-line, this will be the first major survey…

  • BBC HARDtalk: any qualms that you could be feeding antisemitism?

    21 May 2012 by CST

    Jewish conspiracy theory is fundamental to antisemitism. It relies on the notion of Jewish wealth and power, working against the rest of society. It is commonly expressed as Jews controlling politicians and the media. This does not render discussion of Jewish political and media influence illegitimate. It does, however, require…

  • Reflections on Ken Livingstone and London's Jews

    18 May 2012 by CST

    I have written an article for the Jewish Daily Forward looking at why so many Jews in London, including Labour-supporting ones, felt they could not back Ken Livingstone for mayor, when on the surface he did a great deal for London Jewish life: In April, a new phrase entered the…

  • Facebook antisemitism arrests

    17 May 2012 by CST

    Strathclyde Police have charged five adults and a child with a breach of the peace with religious and racial aggravations. This follows searches, computer seizures and arrests made on Friday 11th May, 2012 in Glasgow and East Renfrewshire. The arrests concern antisemitic remarks posted in September 2011,…

  • Greek neo-Nazis & Egyptian Islamists: Signs of the Times

    14 May 2012 by CST

    Two shocking videos reveal the essence of contemporary extremism and its drivers. The first video concerns the Greek far right party, Golden Dawn. This group received 6.97% of the vote at the Greek elections last week. Worse still, another far right group, LAOS received 2.9%, meaning that virtually 1 in 10 Greek voters supported…

  • Vidal Sassoon z"l

    10 May 2012 by CST

    Everyone at CST is sorry to hear the sad news that Vidal Sassoon has died at his home in Los Angeles, aged 84. Vidal Sassoon speaking at a CST dinner, Manchester 2007 Vidal Sassoon became world famous as a hairdresser, but to many in the UK Jewish community it was his opposition…

  • Lessons From Nick Griffin and Jeremy Corbyn.

    1 May 2012 by CST

     In recent days, the British National Party leader Nick Griffin, and the Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn MP, have unwittingly demonstrated how modern day antisemitism and anti-Zionism work; and how people respond to them.  On 19th April 2012, Griffin reacted on Twitter to five far right activists having been …

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Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth