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  • The Islamic Centre of England's ex-fascist on Anders Breivik: 'blame Zionists'

    27 Jun 2012 by CST

    Why would the editor of a London pro-Iranian magazine write an article about the forces behind mass killer Anders Breivik, that failed to make any mention of the Islamophobic far Right? Living Islam, the magazine of an Iranian Shia mosque in London that calls itself the Islamic Centre of…

  • British antisemitism today: brief overview at ICCA Brussels Conference

    26 Jun 2012 by CST

    On 21 June 2012, CST's Mark Gardner and Mike Whine MBE addressed the ICCA Brussels Conference on Contemporary Antisemitism, held at the European Parliament. The conference was chaired by Claude Moraes MEP and John Mann MP; and included presentations by the Fundamental Rights Agency, and brief country specific…

  • Manchester terrorism trial - court hears evidence of Jewish community 'targets'

    22 Jun 2012 by CST

    On day two of the trial of Shasta Khan for terrorism offences relating to an alleged plot to carry out a bombing campaign against the Manchester Jewish community - charges to which her husband, Mohammed Sajid Khan, has already pleaded guilty - the court heard evidence that the couple had…

  • Manchester terrorism trial - pair accused of planning bombing attacks on Jews, court hears

    21 Jun 2012 by CST

    The trial in Manchester of Shasta Khan for various terrorism offences began yesterday with the first part of the prosecution case against her. This included the revelation that her husband, Mohammed Sajid Khan, has pleaded guilty to related terrorism offences for their alleged plot to carry out bombing attacks on…

  • Manchester Terrorism Trial

    20 Jun 2012 by CST

    A terrorism trial has begun today at Manchester Crown Court which CST expects to be of interest and concern to the UK Jewish community. The trial is expected to last for approximately three weeks. CST cannot be certain as to what information will be made public in the trial, nor…

  • Think Again! Kick It Out launch educational pack tackling antisemitism

    18 Jun 2012 by CST

    Kick It Out, the body which campaigns against discrimination in football, has launched a new educational resource pack for teachers to address the issues of antisemitism, racism and other forms of discrimination and prejudice in the classroom. Called Think Again! classroom activities for challenging prejudice and fostering community cohesion, the…

  • The ‘New Right’: a British Tradition

    11 Jun 2012 by CST

    Over 30 years ago, around the time of the death of Oswald Mosley, David Irving bemoaned the poor quality of the senior activists and thinkers of the British far Right. He hoped that groups such as the Clarendon Club and his own Focal Point Publications would help rectify this. Irving…

  • Antisemitism after Toulouse

    6 Jun 2012 by CST

    This weekend saw a shocking antisemitic assault in Villeurbanne, near Lyon, when three young Jewish men wearing kippot (skullcaps) were attacked by a group of ten attackers, who beat them with hammers and iron bars while shouting "Dirty Jews". All three victims requried hospital treatment, but thankfully none sustained serious…

  • CST Elections Report 2012

    6 Jun 2012 by CST

    CST has published its report into the performance of far right parties in last month's local elections, which can be downloaded in full here. A total of 287 far right candidates stood for council seats in the elections, including 137 for the British National Party, while others stood for mayor in London,…

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