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  • Guardian partly alters Juan Cole article

    28 Aug 2012 by Mark Gardner

    The Guardian's Comment is Free (CiF) website has partly amended an article by Juan Cole, following CST's intervention. Cole's article had been recommended by senior Guardian figure, Brian Whitaker, as being among the “best blogs and analysis from the Middle East”. The Guardian had sub-titled the article a…

  • Iran's UK fellow travellers.

    17 Aug 2012 by CST

    Today is Quds Day, an annual demonstration of Iranian antisemitism throughout the world. The London version is one of its more sanitised versions. It will probably include warm fuzzy sounding words about protecting human rights for all (this, despite its usual profusion of Hizbollah…

  • Nazism in Public Places and "No, no, no"

    15 Aug 2012 by CST

    Two Nazi-themed controversies in recent days pose interesting questions about taste, art and freedom of speech.  The first controversy at least has the advantage of being original - an Adolf Hitler crazy golf hole in Blackpool that shouts "No, no, no" and raises its arm in…

  • What is Al Quds Day?

    3 Aug 2012 by CST

    Al Quds Day is an annual day chosen by the late Ayatollah Khomeini to call for Israel to be destroyed. It is normally marked on the last Friday of Ramadan by marches and demonstrations around the world, including in London; this year it will take place on Friday 17th August.…

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Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
Senior Rabbi, Reform Judaism