September 2012 Blog Archive

  • "Off with their kippahs!" (And their veils too.)

    21 Sep 2012 by Mark Gardner

    Interviewed in Le Monde newspaper, Marine le Pen, leader of the French Front National, has stated that kippot (Jewish head coverings) should be abolished/eliminated/done away with in public. (The actual French word is supprime, various translations of which can be seen here.) Her comments derive from…

  • Another year, another racist lie

    20 Sep 2012 by CST

    So, another (Jewish) year passes and so does the latest antisemitic conspiracy theory to fan the flames of hatred and division. There are three emotive responses to racist tales. You can reflexively accept them; you can reflexively reject them; or you can sniff them with suspicion, demanding to see the evid…

  • Shana Tova u’Metuka

    13 Sep 2012 by CST

    Wishing all our readers a happy, safe and peaceful New Year. Blogging will be light here over the next few weeks, due to the High Holy Days.

  • European Antisemitism Survey

    4 Sep 2012 by CST

    Your Chance to Have Your Say The European Union is currently conducting a survey about antisemitism in the UK and eight other European countries. They are eager to hear directly from Jews about their thoughts and experiences regarding antisemitism, and how big or small an impact antisemitism has on their…