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  • CST report: 'Antisemitic Discourse in Britain in 2011'

    29 Nov 2012 by CST

    CST’s final annual report of the year, Antisemitic discourse in Britain in 2011 is available today on the publications section of CST’s website, in pdf format. It may be read here. The report is 38 pages long and contains introductory sections on Jewish life, antisemitism and anti-Zionism, followed by a…

  • Antisemitism and football: time for action

    26 Nov 2012 by CST

    Events in Rome and London this week have put the focus of football racism onto the question of Jews and antisemitism. Both cities saw antisemitic abuse directed at fans of Tottenham Hotspur, a club long associated, rightly or wrongly, with having a Jewish fan base, and whose fans self-identify as ‘…

  • Antisemitism at Spurs/Lazio football match

    23 Nov 2012 by CST

    The Community Security Trust and Maccabi GB are appalled at the violent antisemitism directed at Spurs fans in Rome this week. Reports from Italy strongly suggest that the assault on a group of Spurs fans on Thursday was a politically-motivated attack by far right football hooligans who shouted antisemitic abuse…

  • CST letter in Guardian

    21 Nov 2012 by CST

    Today's Guardian has published the below letter from CST. On 17 November, the Guardian published my letter against contributors’ use of antisemitic imagery. This followed Steve Bell’s cartoon, depicting Tony Blair and William Hague as Benjamin Netanyahu’s glove puppets (16 November). I said antisemitic “language may well be inadvertent” and expl…

  • Zealots and Antisemitic Discourse

    19 Nov 2012 by CST

    The mainstream of the Jewish community and anti-racist anti-Israel circles are at odds over perceptions of antisemitism. There is a chasm between the two. This spells danger for Jews, anti-racist unity and universal values. It invites (uniquely negative) exceptions being made for antisemitism and Jewish concerns. The…

  • Jews, puppets and the Guardian

    16 Nov 2012 by CST

    In November last year Chris Elliott, the Guardian Readers' Editor, wrote an important article warning Guardian journalists of the need to avoid  publishing "material that either lapses into language resonant of antisemitism or is, by its nature, antisemitic." He explained that"antisemitism can be subtle as well as obvious"…

  • Security Notice regarding current situation in Israel and Gaza

    15 Nov 2012 by CST

    The escalation of conflict between Israel and Hamas may lead to an increase in antisemitic incidents and threats against UK Jewish communities. All communal buildings and events are requested to ensure that their security measures are fully implemented. All visitors to communal buildings and events are requested to comply with…

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