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  • More than a cartoon: What Jews are talking about when they talk about antisemitism

    31 Jan 2013 by CST

      Adam Levick, at the CiF Watch website, has written an excellent article that uses the Sunday Times cartoon controversy to explain Jewish sensitivities concerning antisemitism in general. It reads as follows:   The Gerald Scarfe Sunday Times cartoon controversy has followed a familiar pattern, with some…

  • Sunday Times, Holocaust Memorial Day: blood and antisemitism.

    28 Jan 2013 by CST

      On Holocaust Memorial Day 2013, the Sunday Times has run a cartoon by its famously acerbic cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe, that depicts Benjamin Netanyahu using blood to cement a wall that he is building, that has parts of bodies trapped within it. (See it here, on the Commentator website.) The bodies…

  • Holocaust Memorial Day abuse part 3: David Ward MP

    25 Jan 2013 by CST

      In recent days, CST Blog has covered two separate examples of the debasement of Holocaust Memorial Day, as we fast approach its annual commemoration on 27th January. (The first, by pro-Iranian group, Islamic Human Rights Commission is here. The second, by the Respect Party’s Lee Jasper is here.) …

  • Holocaust Memorial Day abuse part two: Lee Jasper

    23 Jan 2013 by CST

    Last week, CST blog briefly noted how the far left and Islamists abuse and twist the memory of the Holocaust for their anti-Israel and anti-Zionist purpose. In particular, we noted how the pro-Iranian group, Islamic Human Rights Commission, abuse Holocaust Memorial Day…

  • Morsi's Antisemitism Reveals More About Us Than Him

    22 Jan 2013 by CST

    Ben Cohen has an excellent article on his website concerning recent American reactions to reminders that in 2010, Mohamed Morsi, employed the "sons of apes and pigs" slander that has been repeatedly directed at Jews, Zionists and Israelis by Islamists.  In 2010, Morsi…

  • Genocide Abuse Day

    18 Jan 2013 by CST

    With Holocaust Memorial Day (27th January) fast approaching, so does its annual bastardisation by our local pro-Iranian and pro-Hizbollah fans, the Islamic Human Rights Commission. (See previous CST blog for IHRC’s role in London’s annual version of the Iranian-inspired anti-Israel hate festival, Quds Day, replete with Hizbollah assault r…

  • Philip Hayes and Kristyan Benedict: deserving of amnesties?

    10 Jan 2013 by CST

    In a case that speaks volumes for the frightening ease with which antisemitism can surface in anti-Israel tirades and rhetoric, a Liverpool music promoter, Philip Hayes, has been fined £120 for making antisemitic remarks to the Jewish Labour MP for Liverpool Wavetree, Luciana Berger. Hayes admitted his offence…

  • Leila Khaled to the SWP: 'nothing can end the conflict but armed struggle'

    9 Jan 2013 by CST

    Leila Khaled is most famous for hijacking aircraft in the 1970s on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Palestinian faction  that was responsible (pdf) for over 30 actual or attempted terrorist attacks against Jewish or Israeli targets outside Israel from the late 1960s until…

  • Combatting Europe's serious antisemitism problem

    7 Jan 2013 by CST

    This article, by Joel Braunold, Strategic Partnerships Officer for the pro-peace One Voice Movement, is from his own blog and also appeared in Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper on 31 December 2012: ---------------- Growing up as an active Jew in London I always hated when Americans or Israelis would comment on anti-Semitism in…

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