February 2013 Blog Archive

  • CST Annual Dinner 2013

    28 Feb 2013 by CST

    Last night, approximately 1,000 guests attended CST's Annual Dinner in Central London, where they warmly appreciated a sincere and detailed keynote speech on preventing extremism by the Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP. CST is a charity that relies upon donations to do its work. This…

  • Hizbollah "collecting information about the Jews...everywhere"

    27 Feb 2013 by CST

      CST has long urged the UK Jewish community to be alert to potential terrorist surveillance and to report suspicions to CST or Police. The ongoing trial in Cyprus, of an alleged Hizbollah operative, again confirms the importance of this message. The Washington Post reports: “I was …

  • More antisemitic terrorists convicted

    21 Feb 2013 by CST

    Three Birmingham men, Irfan Naseer, 31, Irfan Khalid, 27, and Ashik Ali, 27, have been found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court of being "central figures" in a large scale terrorist plot.   

  • CST condemns alleged neo-Nazi attack on Spurs fans in France

    21 Feb 2013 by CST

      CST is deeply concerned by reports that violent thugs made Nazi salutes when attacking fans of Tottenham Hotspur in France last night. This follows similar violence directed at Spurs fans in Rome in November. It is clearly unacceptable for football fans to be met with antisemitism and racism when…

  • French antisemitism report: a warning

    20 Feb 2013 by CST

    France is home to approximately 500,000 Jews. It is the largest Jewish community in Europe. When people discuss modern West European antisemitism and argue about its seriousness, its components and its impacts, it is developments in France that often drive the debate. So, the most recent annual …

  • Antisemitism: in the eye of the beholder

    18 Feb 2013 by CST

    The essay page in Friday's Jewish Chronicle features an article by CST's Mark Gardner on the importance of perception in discussions about antisemitism.   The full article may be read here on the JC website. It begins by noting: Most weeks, a quick read of the…

  • David Ward's Bulldozer

    15 Feb 2013 by CST

      Old friends and (new) foes have advised David Ward MP that he is in a hole and really should stop digging. (For background, see here and here.) Unfortunately, whoever runs his website disagrees, and has posted an article that renders Ward unfit to serve as a Member of…

  • CST Antisemitic Incidents Report 2012

    7 Feb 2013 by CST

      CST's Antisemitic Incidents Report 2012, published today, shows a 5% rise in recorded antisemitic incidents due to enhanced CST/Police cooperation in sharing recorded antisemitic incidents in London. CST recorded 640 antisemitic incidents across the country in 2012, compared to 608 incidents in 2011. A further 547 reports were received by CST, but were not deemed…

  • Football fan sentenced for Nazi salute

    1 Feb 2013 by CST

      CST welcomes the conviction of Gareth Smith, a Huddersfield Town supporter, for making a Nazi salute and shouting antisemitic abuse at Leeds United fans during the Football League match between the two clubs last December. Smith was arrested after being identified on CCTV from the match. He admitted a…