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  • From Liberal Democrats to Star of David pigs

    26 Jul 2013 by CST

    On 18th July, the Liberal Democrats withdrew the whip from David Ward MP, saying his language in a tweet about Zionists and Israel was insufficiently “proportionate and precise”. Ward’s tweet: Am I wrong or are am I right? At long last the #Zionists are losing the battle - how lo…

  • Antisemitic Incidents Report January - June 2013

    25 Jul 2013 by CST

    The first six months of 2013 saw a thirty per cent fall in the number of antisemitic incidents recorded in the United Kingdom, according to CST's Antisemitic Incidents Report January - June 2013, which is published today. CST recorded 219 antisemitic incidents across the country in the first half of 2013, compared to 311 incidents…

  • Cageprisoners, Rowntree Trust and “Jews did 9/11”.

    23 Jul 2013 by CST

    The "Jews did 9/11" lie says everything about the enduring nature and appeal of antisemitism in our modern world. It is a Big Lie that draws on a long and dangerous tradition of blaming Jews. Usually, racism depicts its victims as primitive and inferior. This…

  • CST welcomes EU ban on Hizbollah military wing

    22 Jul 2013 by CST

    CST welcomes today's decision by EU foreign ministers to proscribe the military wing of Hizbollah throughout the EU. We have issued a full statement on today's decision jointly with the Jewish Leadership Council, which can be read here, along with a briefing paper outlining the case against Hizbollah. We have…

  • On David Ward MP’s whip suspension

    19 Jul 2013 by CST

    CST shares the concerns of many that the Liberal Democrats two-month whip suspension of David Ward MP has taken too long to occur; and covers a period when Parliament is largely closed. Despite these reservations, CST welcomes the Party’s decision and thanks Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel for its …

  • Man sought for Walsall bomb

    17 Jul 2013 by CST

    Further to yesterday's CST Blog post "Racist bombs in West Midlands?", West Midlands Police have released a description and two photographs of a man they "urgently want to speak to in connection with the attack on the Aisha mosque in Walsall". The description and photographs are here on the…

  • Racist bombs in West Midlands?

    16 Jul 2013 by CST

    Other than in Government and West Midlands Police counter-terrorism circles, there appears to be little general interest in the fact that there have been two improvised explosive devices placed outside mosques in recent weeks. The devices were just over five miles apart, north-west of Birmingham, in Walsall (19th June) and…

  • Abu Qatada: a lesson for British Jews

    12 Jul 2013 by CST

    Finally, Abu Qatada is back in Jordan, facing questioning about terrorism. The extradition has been a lengthy legal saga, summarised by headlines such as “hate preacher” and “send him back”. The Guardian Comment is Free website has two articles on Britain’s handling of Abu Qatada. The first of thes…

  • CST Chief Executive Richard Benson steps down

    4 Jul 2013 by CST

    CST's Chief Executive, Richard Benson has decided to step down after 12 successful years at the helm. At the same time, CST announces that David Delew, currently CST’s Northern Regional Director, has been appointed his successor. Following a three month handover period, David will assume responsibility at CST’s North L…

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