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  • The Unwelcome Arrival of the Quenelle

    30 Jan 2014 by CST

    CST's Dave Rich has an article in the forthcoming edition of Fathom journal that discusses the new type of politics represented by Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala and the quenelle salute: Originally from the political left, [Dieudonné] has moved via anti-Israel rhetoric and the fascist Front National (FN) to the…

  • BNP: genetics and Jewish vampire conspiracies

    28 Jan 2014 by CST

    The British National Party has long suffered from image problems. Now, they have another image problem. It is on their website (see here), subtitled "arrested on the orders of international Zionists" and looks like this: The shadowy background figure is taken from the well known…

  • Holocaust Memorial Day

    27 Jan 2014 by CST

    These two poems are included in the Holocaust Educational Trust's Suggested Readings for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014. The first poem, The Jewish Shtetl, is by an anonymous writer. The second poem, Shema, is by Primo Levi. The Jewish Shtetl And once, there was a garden, and a child, and…

  • A busy week

    24 Jan 2014 by CST

    Nicolas Anelka's 'quenelle' and the Football Association's disciplinary process still hog the airwaves and remain hard to escape from. Nevertheless, elsewhere it has been a busy week for antisemitism and related matters. A summary: There is the imminent visit to London of Gabor Vona, leader…

  • FA charge Anelka: CST response

    21 Jan 2014 by CST

    CST welcomes the Football Association's decision to charge Nicolas Anelka with an aggravated breach of FA rules. We simply could not have accepted any other outcome. The FA has a zero tolerance approach to racism and that must, therefore, include antisemitism. Nobody disputes that Anelka made the 'quenelle'…

  • Horror show from Dieudonne. A must watch for FA, West Brom etc.

    10 Jan 2014 by CST

    As we wait for the Football Association to take action (or not) against Nicolas Anelka, let us get to the core of the antisemitic horror show that is Anelka's chum, Dieudonne. This is it, below. Two minutes of obscenity in which Dieudonne takes&nbsp…

  • BBC, quenelle & Berlin Holocaust Memorial

    8 Jan 2014 by CST

    This is Alain Soral, a former French Front National member, doing a "quenelle" at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Soral was interviewed on BBC's Newsnight by Jeremy Paxman as part of a feature on French antisemite, Dieudonne. (See it here. The Dieudonne feature is from 38min 00sec to 4…

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