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  • CST statement on alleged Islamic State terror threat against Jewish schools and kindergartens in Turkey

    29 Mar 2016 by CST

    Sky News is reporting about an alleged Islamic State terror threat against Jewish schools and kindergartens in Turkey. The story claims that this is an “active plot” that is “aimed specifically at Turkey’s Jewish community”.  

  • Ex Bradford Mayor, “Greater Israel” and Stupid Antisemitism

    24 Mar 2016 by Mark Gardner

    Watch these three minutes of sheer lunacy below. It is unlikely that you will have seen a more obvious example of antisemitic craziness (and no, it appears not to be Larry David having a Borat type laugh at the expense of stupid antisemites). Stupid as it is, this brings us immediately to the heart of antisemitic conspiracy theory and how it lies at the heart of anti-Israel and anti-Zionist conspiracy theory. After 9/11, the widely held accusation was that 4,000 Jews (not Zionists) were warned not to go to work in the Twin Towers, because Mossad was controlling Al Qaeda. Today, that shifts seamlessly into Mossad running ISIS.  

  • What that interview revealed about the left

    24 Mar 2016 by Dave Rich

    This week, Lord Levy warned that, unless the Labour leadership gives "a clear and unequivocal message" that antisemitism "in any form" would not be tolerated, he might have to leave the Labour Party. You might have thought Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would be shocked to hear this from a Jewish Labour peer. Instead he seemed angered by it.

  • The U.K. Labour Party Must Decide if It's a Political Home for anti-Semites or for British Jews

    23 Mar 2016 by Dave Rich

    Whole swathes of today's British Left either cannot or will not acknowledge the anti-Semitism that's staring them in the face. The basic idea behind most modern anti-Semitism is that Jews must be up to something. Whatever Jews say and do can’t be taken at face value: they must have some ulterior motive or hidden agenda that needs to be uncovered.  

  • Brussels terrorism and UK security

    22 Mar 2016 by CST

    The Jihadist terror attacks in Brussels on the morning of 22 March 2016 are a tragic reminder of why security measures are in place at UK Jewish communal venues and events. We offer our condolences to all those affected by this latest outrage.  CST asks that all communal venues, organisations and events ensure existing security procedures are reviewed and rigorously enforced. We ask everybody attending communal buildings and events to follow the instructions of the security officers present.    

  • Babar Ahmad’s “ideal of jihad” is still a problem

    16 Mar 2016 by Dave Rich

    Babar Ahmad is a British jihadi who returned home to the UK last year after being sentenced to 12 and a half years prison in America for terrorism offences. These offences related to a jihadi website called Azzam Publications (named after Abdullah Azzam, the godfather of the first Afghan jihad) that Ahmad set up and ran.

  • Gerry Downing’s ‘Jewish Question’

    10 Mar 2016 by Dave Rich

    Gerry Downing is an aging Trotskyist from the Socialist Fight organisation who has been expelled, re-admitted to, and now re-expelled from, the Labour Party. Amongst his many statements and ideas that have caused outrage is his belief that there is a ‘Jewish Question’ that needs to be solved.

  • The anti-war left’s problem with antisemitism

    9 Mar 2016 by Mark Gardner

    The below article is the original version of an opinion piece published by the Jewish Chronicle on 3 March 2016. The JC entitled it as “Anti-war activists still don't 'get' antisemitism”.  

  • CST Annual Dinner 2016

    3 Mar 2016 by CST

    The Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, was the guest of honour at CST’s Annual Dinner in central London last night. The dinner is CST’s main fundraising event of the year. It was sponsored by Deloitte and attended by around 1,000 guests, including donors, politicians, Police officers, Jewish community partners and other supporters of CST’s work protecting our Jewish community.  

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