August 2017 Blog Archive

  • HATE CRIME: A guide to those affected

    23 Aug 2017 by CST

    CST is publishing a comprehensive guide for those affected by Hate Crime, co-authored with the Crown Prosecution Service and Tell MAMA, and supported by the Department of Communities and Local Government. The guide provides guidance and advice for victims and witnesses of hate crime on how to navigate the criminal justice system, from how to react to and report a hate crime to understanding the law and processes of the UK court system.

  • Against Jihadism and neo-Nazism

    18 Aug 2017 by Mark Gardner

    Two Jihadist terrorist attacks in Spain, and a far Right demonstration and terrorist attack in the USA, give shocking proof of the main forces threatening our physical safety, emotional well-being and democratic freedoms.  

  • Jewish women, money and cunning

    2 Aug 2017 by Mark Gardner

    The deep outrage directed against Kevin Myers’ depiction of women, Jews and money in the Irish edition of the Sunday Times was inevitable and correct. The condemnation of Myers crude, ugly linkage came from all sides. He was sacked and this squalid example of hoary old antisemitic stereotypes was swiftly dealt with: but the themes of Jews, money and cunning superiority remain central elements of antisemitic opinion today, including much of the anti-Zionism that now passes for accepted wisdom in a disturbingly wide circle of British and international politics.