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  • Terrorism conviction for “HITLER You Were Right!” demonstrator

    26 Sep 2017 by CST

    On 11 July 2014, Hussain Yusuf was photographed holding a sign saying “HITLER You were Right!”. On 22 September 2017, Hussain was found guilty at Kingston Crown Court on three terrorism charges: and was sentenced to six and a half years imprisonment. It is a textbook case study in how antisemitic attitudes may denote further extremist and terrorist inclinations.         

  • Shana Tova and Happy New Year to all our supporters

    20 Sep 2017 by CST

    CST would like to wish the community and our volunteers and safe, happy and peaceful new year.  

  • Terrorist incident at Parson’s Green Underground Station

    15 Sep 2017 by CST

    Police are treating as a “terrorist incident” this morning’s explosion on an underground train at Parsons Green station, west London.  

  • Antisemitism and the Left: what does the new report from CST and JPR tell us?

    14 Sep 2017 by CST

    This week CST and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research published a major new study of antisemitism in Great Britain, based on the largest-ever survey of attitudes towards Jews and Israel in this country. The report launch featured a panel discussion that included CST's Dave Rich, who spoke about what the report's findings tells us about antisemitism on the left and its relation to anti-Israel attitudes.

  • CST and JPR produce major new study of antisemitism in Great Britain

    12 Sep 2017 by CST

    CST and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) have produced a major new study of antisemitism that gives new insight and analysis about the extent of antisemitism in Great Britain. Two years in the planning, this is the largest and most detailed survey of attitudes towards Jews and Israel ever conducted in this country.  

  • The 2017 CST Dinner in Manchester

    12 Sep 2017 by CST

    Last night nearly 500 supporters of CST, including Politicians, Police and donors from the Manchester Jewish community and other northern communities, attended the 2017 CST Dinner in Manchester. CST is a charity that relies upon donations to do its work and fundraising events such as last night’s dinner are an opportunity for the Jewish Community and our friends to express their resolve to stand firm against antisemitism.    

  • Antisemitic Discourse Report 2016

    6 Sep 2017 by CST

    CST’s new report, Antisemitic Discourse in Britain 2016, looks at the presence of antisemitic ideas or language, and discussion of antisemitism in general, in mainstream media, politics and public debate last year. Explicit prejudice or hostility towards or about Jews, simply for being Jewish, is rarely voiced in British public life; but antisemitism became a national political issue in 2016, while media discussion of the subject was more prominent than it had been for many years.  

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Fiyaz Mughal
Tell MAMA project leader