August 2018 Blog Archive

  • CST prepares Police and volunteers for the High Holy Day period

    31 Aug 2018 by CST

    Last night, CST hosted the annual High Holy Day briefing in London for Police, CST security volunteers and others. The aim of the briefing is to present the risks facing the Jewish community during the High Holy Day period as well as the joint CST and Police security operation which will be running. The event was one of several CST will be holding and a briefing in Birmingham took place as well. CST will also be hosting several others across the country, including in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, to ensure all volunteers and Police are aware of the challenges facing the community.

  • CST trains commercial security guards protecting our Jewish community

    31 Aug 2018 by CST

    This week CST hosted over 150 commercial guards from several guarding companies at a security training session. This is one of many training sessions that CST delivers throughout the year to ensure guards protecting our Jewish community are aware of crucial security principals and threats facing the Jewish community. This week’s presentation focused on the specific challenges facing the Jewish community leading up to the start of a new school year and the High Holy Days.   

  • Restorative Justice used to challenge antisemitism

    23 Aug 2018 by CST

    CST has long supported the use of Restorative Justice for victims of crime in order to explain to offenders the impact of their crime, and for offenders to apologise for their actions. This month, CST has been involved another Restorative Justice case, after an antisemitic incident took place in May in Prestwich.   

  • A Few Minutes with Dr. Dave Rich

    13 Aug 2018 by Dave Rich

    The scandal surrounding antisemitism within the British Labour Party continues to grow. The party’s recent decision to adopt a watered-down definition of antisemitism, rather than that of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, caused renewed outrage. Taken together with slurs against “Talmud Jews” from a local Labour councillor, it is clear that the rot goes to the heart of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.   

  • Corbyn’s ideological assault may start with Jews – but won’t end with them

    13 Aug 2018 by Mark Gardner

    In an interview published in Sunday’s Observer newspaper, Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, warned that anti-Semitism must be dealt with, or the Party would “disappear into a vortex of eternal shame and embarrassment”.   

  • Jeremy Corbyn needs to do much better to convince Jews he acts in good faith

    13 Aug 2018 by Dave Rich

    On Friday evening, Jeremy Corbyn tried to persuade Britain’s Jewish community, via the Guardian, that the Labour party is not a threat to their life in Britain. It is staggering that a Labour leader should feel compelled to make such a claim and a mark of how low Corbyn’s standing has fallen that he is the last person most British Jews would trust to give them that assurance.