March 2019 Blog Archive

  • Hate is not welcome at CST

    27 Mar 2019 by CST

    CST fights for a more tolerant and inclusive society, free from antisemitism. As part of this mission, CST works with other groups representing different minority communities including, Tell Mama UK, Galop, Faith Associates and many others. CST will not sit idly by when others are subjected to hate based on their identity; whatever that may be.   

  • Former BNP leader Nick Griffin meets with representative of terror group Hizbollah

    25 Mar 2019 by CST

    The former leader of the Far Right British National Party has been in Lebanon and has met with at least one senior member of the terrorist organisation Hizbollah. Nick Griffin was elected to the European Parliament in 2009 for the North West of England and has a history of antisemitic discourse. In 1996 he referred to the Holocaust as “the Hoax of the Twentieth Century.”

  • The CST Keyring Project: raising awareness of the importance of reporting antisemitism

    19 Mar 2019 by CST

    CST has produced ‘CST Report’ keyrings with contact details to make it as easy as possible for people to report antisemitism or suspicious activity to CST. These keyrings have been distributed at a number of Jewish secondary schools from across the religious spectrum this year, with the intention that pupils have CST’s contact information when they need to report something. In several schools, we have also given short talks in school assemblies to explain the importance of reporting antisemitism and suspicious activity to CST and to Police.  

  • CST securing the Jewish News Big Family Show

    19 Mar 2019 by CST

    CST staff were delighted to run a stall at the Jewish News Big Family Show and Expo at Allianz Park this weekend. The show hosted 130 exhibitors and around 6,000 guests and featured an opening speech by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, as well as celebrity hosts Rachel Riley and Nick Ferrari.  

  • Crown Prosecution Service Counter Terror Division visits CST

    11 Mar 2019 by CST

    Last week, CST was delighted to welcome four members of the Crown Prosecution Service's Counter Terrorism Division to our office in London to discuss their work. CST is proud of our long-standing relationship with the CPS, with CST's International Director, Mike Whine MBE previously acting as Lay Adviser to the Counter Terrorism Division and currently sitting on the Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel of the London CPS.  

  • Mehdi Nemmouche convicted for jihadist attack at Brussels Jewish Museum

    8 Mar 2019 by CST

    Following a dramatic two month trial, the jury in the Brussels court last night convicted Mehdi Nemmouche of carrying out the Islamic State-linked firearms terrorist attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on 24 May 2014. The jury also convicted his accomplice, Nacer Bendrer, of supplying Nemmouche with the weapons used in the attack. Sentencing is expected on Monday, and Nemmouche faces a possible life term in jail.  

  • The women of CST: part three

    8 Mar 2019 by CST

    Over the past two days, we have introduced you to a number of inspirational women who work tirelessly to protect our Jewish community; from volunteering to tackling abuse online, to teaching CST personnel Krav Maga skills. Today marks International Women’s Day; a time to celebrate the achievements of women. CST is proud that we have allowed women to smash the glass ceiling that has existed for far too long; with two of our highest-ranking women, both working in the Senior Management Team; one leading the charge to protect our Jewish community in the Northern Region and one working to revolutionise CST’s Human Resources Department

  • The women of CST: Part Two

    7 Mar 2019 by CST

    This week, CST is looking at the inspirational women who help CST to protect our Jewish community, from working in security to recording antisemitic incidents – there is a role for everyone. Today, we highlight the importance of antisemitic incidents, online and offline, and how the women of CST have pioneered work in this field.  

  • CST trains commercial security guards to protect our Jewish community

    7 Mar 2019 by CST

    Last month, CST ran two large training sessions for commercial guards. As part of CST’s commitment to working with a large number of commercial guards that protect synagogues and Jewish Schools, CST took advantage of the school half-term break to offer several training session for these guards. Unlike previous training classes, CST has held, the three-hour-long sessions comprised of intense physical training to ensure the guards are properly prepared not only to deal with a terrorist attack but the potential aftermath as well.  

  • State of Hate 2019: Antisemitism

    6 Mar 2019 by CST

    The anti-fascist organisation Hope Not Hate have warned that “a significant number of people on the left have promoted or engaged with antisemitic content. Hope Not Hate published the results of a study that examined over 27,000 tweets from more than 5,000 twitter accounts in their State of Hate 2019 publication.  

  • The women of CST: Part One

    6 Mar 2019 by CST

    This Friday marks International Women’s Day 2019, a focal point for women’s rights across the globe. This year’s theme is Balance for Better – promoting and celebrating women’s achievements, challenging bias and issuing a call-to-action on gender balance. To some, CST may appear to be a masculine security group dominated by men, with all too few roles for women to protect our Jewish community. In fact, CST has a rich history of female involvement and many key members of staff driving the organisation are women. Here we will introduce you to a few of these inspirational women, from stopping physical threats to leading CST’s antisemitic incidents team, working behind the scenes to ensure the security and protection of our Jewish community.   

  • Standing shoulder to shoulder against hatred in football

    4 Mar 2019 by CST

    On 28 February 2019, Kick It Out, the organisation that works within football to challenge discrimination, held its 25th Anniversary dinner. This dinner was hosted and held at Chelsea Football Club and was attended by CST’s National Training Manager. The National Training Manager reflects on discrimination in the game and antisemitism, and shares some thoughts.

  • John Mann MP at the CST Annual Dinner: We have to take the war to the antisemites

    1 Mar 2019 by CST

    On 27 February 2019, John Mann MP, spoke at the CST Annual Dinner 2019. Below the video and the is the full transcript of the speech.