April 2019 Blog Archive

  • CST wishes our whole community a safe and enjoyable Pesach

    19 Apr 2019 by CST

    This Pesach, be proud and live the Jewish life you want. These are difficult times, with the terrorist threat and the overall political situation causing deep concern to British Jews. This time last year, in the face of ongoing political antisemitism, the Jewish community gathered together in Parliament Square, to declare that “enough is enough”.  

  • CST welcomes the release of the Online Harms White Paper

    17 Apr 2019 by CST

    CST has long been concerned at the proliferation of antisemitism and other forms of hate online, and in particular how social media platforms can be used as a vehicle for antisemitic incidents and the distribution of antisemitic discourse and conspiracy theories. Last week, the Home Office and Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) launched their highly anticipated White Paper on Online Harms. 

  • Launch of the #WeDeserveBetter campaign

    16 Apr 2019 by CST

    The #WeDeserveBetter campaign is a Europe-wide NGO-led campaign that will run from the beginning of May until 26 May. The objective of the campaign is to improve the tone of online and social media conversations, encouraging better empathy, tolerance and respect in debates and public discourse. The campaign is raising awareness about the normalization of hate speech in public and political discourse, which is preventing critical debates and block us from engaging with people many see as ‘others’.   

  • CST spring stalls: meeting the Jewish community across the United Kingdom

    16 Apr 2019 by CST

    CST staff have recently run stalls at a number of Jewish community events, including Jewish Book Week held at Kings Place in London, Limmud Midlands at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and The Jewish News’ Jewish Family Expo, held at Allianz Park in London.  

  • Man sentenced for antisemitically abusing CST security officers

    15 Apr 2019 by CST

    A man has been convicted of racially aggravated public order offences following an altercation outside a synagogue in Hendon, north London, in March 2018. Al Kareem Bersi, a local resident,  approached the synagogue building and started behaving erratically, intimidating the CST security officers and making abusive gestures. CST volunteers worked with Police on the case and gave evidence.   

  • CST Research Briefing on Mehdi Nemmouche and the Brussels Jewish Museum Attack

    11 Apr 2019 by CST

    CST is today publishing an in-depth report, 'Mehdi Nemmouche & the Brussels Jewish Museum Attack: A case study in jihadist antisemitic terrorism' analysing the jihadist attack on 24 May 2014. Last month, on 8 March, Nemmouche, a former ISIS fighter, was convicted in Belgium of carrying out the ISIS-linked firearms terrorist attack. This was the first case of a returning European jihadist fighter from Syria/Iraq to attack in Europe, and it marked the opening of a series of terrorist attacks and disrupted plots in Europe, the UK and the West that were directed, inspired or connected to ISIS. In the words of a report by West Point’s Combatting Terrorism Center, “Nemmouche’s attack was not a random one-off event, but actually a leading indicator of a wave of ISIS-connected violence that would target European and other Western cities. Nemmouche was just a preliminary warning.”

  • CST hosts inaugural Hate Crime Awareness Conference in the North

    5 Apr 2019 by CST

    CST was delighted to host the CST Hate Crime Awareness Conference for Northern Police Officers this week in Manchester. CST enjoys a national information-sharing agreement with Police forces, meaning that Police can share reports of antisemitic incidents and vice versa, ensuring CST and Police have the most accurate information on antisemitic hate crime in the United Kingdom. CST regularly conducts joint patrols with Police across the country, educates them about the Jewish community, antisemitism and related threats. This conference served to strengthen these ties and ensure we can both continue to protect the Jewish community.  

  • The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry 20 years on. What have we learnt ? What still needs to be done?

    4 Apr 2019 by CST

    CST staff recently spoke on a panel at a conference titled The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry 20 years on. What have we learnt? What still needs to be done? put on by the John Grieve Centre, London Metropolitan University. The conference’s keynote speaker was Dr Neville Lawrence, OBE, father of the late Stephen Lawrence, who spoke alongside John Azah OBE, the CEO of Kingston Race and Equalities Council. The opening remarks of the conference reflected on London life and the experience of policing for BAME families 25 years on from losing Stephen.