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  • CST working together to protect the Gateshead kehilla

    6 Jun 2019 by CST

    Many Jewish communities across Britain are vibrant and thriving, and CST’s mission is to help ensure that this will always be the case. Gateshead’s kehilla has grown greatly in recent years, as families have grown and have been joined by others from the UK and beyond.  The infrastructure within Gateshead has also developed, with more educational institutions, minyonim, a large central Shul and mikvah project underway and more kosher establishments than ever meeting the needs of the growing community. It is an exciting time for Gateshead, and CST looks forward to continuing to work closely with the community to ensure that this continues in safety and security.  

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“I never stop being amazed at the professional, selfless and totally dedicated commitment shown by the CST staff and volunteers. Our community is indebted to CST for the comprehensive protection the organisation provides, which sadly is so very necessary at this time.”

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth