July 2019 Blog Archive

  • Labour's new antisemitism website raises more questions than it answers

    23 Jul 2019 by Dave Rich

    You always know when criticism of the Labour Party’s handling of antisemitism has reached an intolerable level, because that is when the party announces a new raft of measures promising that this time they really will address the problem.   

  • New publication: Iran & Hizbollah’s global terrorism

    16 Jul 2019 by CST

    Today, CST has published a new report, 'Iran & Hizbollah’s global terrorism: patterns and methods'. Iran and Hizbollah's operations have been a security concern long before al-Qaeda, ISIS and other Salafi-Jihadis started attacking diaspora Jewish communities. Hizbollah and Iran possess international terrorist capabilities, and they continue to pose a viable threat to their primary targets: Iranian dissidents living abroad, diaspora Jewish communities and Israeli interests worldwide. Both Iran and Hizbollah operate globally and have a history of engaging in covert terrorist activities and criminal endeavours. In fact, the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division assessed that Hizbollah “possesses a vibrant global network with cells operating on five continents”, including networks and terrorist infrastructures in Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and elsewhere around the globe.   

  • Tristan Morgan: far right antisemitic terrorist

    5 Jul 2019 by CST

    On 21 July 2018, the historic building housing Exeter Synagogue was subjected to an arson attack.  A male used a pickaxe to smash a small hole in a toilet window, he poured fuel inside using a can, and then he used a lighter to set alight a piece of paper which he then placed inside the window. Seconds later, an explosion occurred blowing out the glass windows and the male walked away. Thankfully, no one was inside the building at the time and the fire was extinguished by neighbours before major damage was caused. Soon afterwards, a 51-year-old local man was arrested in connection with the attack. Tristan Morgan was subsequently charged with arson on the basis of recklessly endangered life.   

  • Antisemitism, Holocaust Denial and Distortion: How to identify it and challenge the narrative

    2 Jul 2019 by CST

    My organisation, the Community Security Trust, is a charity that provides security for the Jewish community and supports victims of antisemitism – or anti-Jewish racism. We research antisemitism so we can understand it better and we try to educate people to help them recognise it when it appears.I’m going to start by talking about Holocaust Denial – the bizarre and outrageous phenomenon whereby people deny that the Holocaust even happened.