December 2020 Blog Archive

  • Antisemitic Discourse Report 2019

    21 Dec 2020 by CST

    CST’s Antisemitic Discourse Report covering 2019 is released today. Antisemitism continued to play a prominent role in British public life in 2019 and even featured significantly in the 2019 General Election, a fact that is without precedent in modern British politics.  

  • Far too many students experience prejudice

    18 Dec 2020 by CST

    Right now, at universities all over the country, academics are arguing over whether or not their institutions should adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. This is the definition that was at the centre of one of the most divisive episodes in the Labour Party antisemitism saga, when Jeremy Corbyn fought to the bitter end to prevent the party adopting the definition in full – a fight he ultimately lost.

  • Campus Antisemitism in Britain 2018-2020

    17 Dec 2020 by CST

    A new investigation by CST, published today in a report titled Campus Antisemitism in Britain 2018-2020, has found 123 antisemitic incidents affecting Jewish students, academics and student bodies in 34 different towns and cities across the UK during the past two academic years.

  • Pathway to Terror: From antisemitism to terrorism, the case study of Shehroz Iqbal

    2 Dec 2020 by CST

    CST is today publishing our latest research briefing entitled ‘Pathway to Terror’, focusing on the case of Shehroz Iqbal who was recently sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for terrorist and unrelated drug offences.