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  • BBC Radio London breaches guidelines during antisemitic call

    31 Dec 2015 by CST

    On the Simon Lederman show on BBC Radio London early in the morning of 22 December 2015, a man named as “Andy from St Margaret’s” was allowed to make antisemitic accusations without significant condemnation or rebuttal. CST condemns the BBC for allowing the caller to continue without being properly opposed or cut off by the presenter. CST also believes the content of the call is in direct contravention to the BBC’s own guidelines for dealing with controversial subjects, impartiality, religious sensitivity, harm and offence.  

  • BBC amends online 'Constituency Profile' following complaints from Jewish community

    28 Apr 2015 by CST

    According to reports in the Manchester Evening News and Daily Express, the BBC has amended is online election profile of the Blackley and Broughton constituency in North Manchester after receiving several complaints that it was antisemitic in nature.

  • Opposing antisemitism: an appeal to put words into action

    27 Aug 2014 by CST

    The past two months have seen the number of antisemitic incidents in Britain approach record levels Much of this has been due to extreme reactions to the conflict between Israel and Gaza that reached its latest ceasefire yesterday. This problem, and its link to extreme manifestations of anti-Israel…

  • BBC, quenelle & Berlin Holocaust Memorial

    8 Jan 2014 by CST

    This is Alain Soral, a former French Front National member, doing a "quenelle" at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Soral was interviewed on BBC's Newsnight by Jeremy Paxman as part of a feature on French antisemite, Dieudonne. (See it here. The Dieudonne feature is from 38min 00sec to 4…

  • Roger Waters & the sickening wall of silence on antisemitism

    10 Sep 2013 by CST

    On 18th August, Roger Waters appealed for Israel to be boycotted, and blamed “Baroness Deech (Nee Fraenkel)” for blocking a BBC broadcast of anti-Israel remarks by his fellow musician, Nigel Kennedy. Roger Waters’ remark was antisemitic on two counts. Directly, he drew attention to Baroness Deech’s maiden name, “Frae…

  • BBC HARDtalk: any qualms that you could be feeding antisemitism?

    21 May 2012 by CST

    Jewish conspiracy theory is fundamental to antisemitism. It relies on the notion of Jewish wealth and power, working against the rest of society. It is commonly expressed as Jews controlling politicians and the media. This does not render discussion of Jewish political and media influence illegitimate. It does, however, require…

  • Antisemitism: Norwich to Westminster & 800 years.

    23 Jun 2011 by CST

    Tonight, BBC 2 will show a documentary entitled, "History Cold Case: The Bodies in the Well". It concerns the remains of 17 skeletons found at the bottom of a medieval well in Norwich. The skeletons date from the 12th or 13th centuries and were found in 2004 during construction works. 11 of…

  • BBC World Service documentary on antisemitism

    6 Dec 2010 by CST

    The BBC World Service has produced a two-part series about modern antisemitism in Europe. The first programme features CST's Mark Gardner, amongst many other interviewees. The series website explains: In this two-part series for Heart and Soul, Wendy Robbins takes a personal journey into the heart of Europe, where fears…

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Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
Senior Rabbi, Reform Judaism