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  • CST supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2018

    15 Oct 2018 by CST

    This year, CST will be supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week, organised by 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign alongside Stop Hate UK. The main aim of 17-24-30 is to actively remember the victims of hate crime and to support those whose lives have been permanently changed due to acts of hate. The prevailing message of the week is that hate crime is not acceptable in our communities and that we will work together to tackle hate crime wherever it is found. National Hate Crime Awareness Week was founded in 2009 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the London Nail bomb attacks in Brixton.  

  • Teshuva: Labour and Antisemitism

    13 Sep 2018 by Mark Gardner

    Just in time for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Labour Party has relented and finally decided to adopt the same basic definition of antisemitism as used by everybody else. To be more accurate, they have relented a bit: because they still feel the need to additionally say that it is okay to “criticise” Israel. (Of course the tachless is that the word “hate” is probably a lot more accurate than the word “criticise”.)  

  • CST welcomes Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis in the run up to the Jewish New Year

    5 Sep 2018 by CST

    CST was delighted to host the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Ephraim Mirvis, to the CST Head Office in London today. Chief Rabbi Mirvis met CST staff, who work to protect our Jewish community all year round, to discuss the crucial work CST does and to speak to the staff, including those based in the Leeds and Manchester offices, to thank them for their work.   

  • CST prepares Police and volunteers for the High Holy Day period

    31 Aug 2018 by CST

    Last night, CST hosted the annual High Holy Day briefing in London for Police, CST security volunteers and others. The aim of the briefing is to present the risks facing the Jewish community during the High Holy Day period as well as the joint CST and Police security operation which will be running. The event was one of several CST will be holding and a briefing in Birmingham took place as well. CST will also be hosting several others across the country, including in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, to ensure all volunteers and Police are aware of the challenges facing the community.

  • Leading from the Front: CST, rabbonim and community leading lights

    27 Jul 2018 by CST

    Over the past few months, CST has developed a new project working with synagogue bodies, reaching out to rabbonim, chairs and other community leaders, to develop their understanding of CST’s work to keep our Jewish community safe and to encourage them to help CST in its mission to give the Jewish community the freedom and confidence to thrive. Called ‘Leading from the Front’, this project includes discussions on the mission of CST, crisis management for the Jewish community, and the role of CST's state-of-the-art national security control centre.  

  • CST launches ‘A Parent’s Guide to CST’ at the Maccabi Community Fun Run

    26 Jun 2018 by CST

    CST launched its brand-new publication, ‘A parent’s guide to CST’ on Sunday at the Maccabi Community Fun Run at Allianz Park. CST chose this event to launch the Parent’s Guide at the run because of the sheer number of Jewish families, from across the Jewish religious spectrum, who were attending to run and support those braving the 1km, 5km and 10km races. The guide is directed at parents in order to give them an understanding of the crucial work CST does across the community to protect Jewish children; whether they be at school, at a youth camp or at any Jewish communal event or site.   

  • CST runners raise vital funds to help protect our Jewish community at Maccabi GB Community Fun Run

    26 Jun 2018 by CST

    On Sunday 24 June, Maccabi GB held its annual Fun Run at Allianz Park, an event that has been described as the largest Jewish sporting fundraiser in the history of the UK. Over 4,000 people attended and more than 2,000 runners, joggers and walkers participated.   

  • Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick speaks warmly of CST’s relationship with the Police

    21 Jun 2018 by CST

    CST hosted its annual Metropolitan Police lunch on 15 June, with keynote speaker, Commissioner Cressida Dick. This annual gathering of CST’s supporters and our friends from the Metropolitan Police underpins the warm relationship between the Police and our community. Without it, the vital job of CST would be far harder to perform.   

  • CST hosts Police seminar to educate officers about Judaism, antisemitism and the community

    1 Jun 2018 by CST

    CST hosted a well-received annual awareness event for Police officers yesterday at the Jewish Museum in Camden. There were around 100 attendees from all ranks and departments within the Police including PCSOs, Community Safety Officers and Crime Prevention Officers, as well as staff from Public Protection Support and Counter-Terrorism Units. Police personnel attended from across London and the southern regions, including Kent, Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Thames Valley, City of London and Metropolitan Police.  

  • Holocaust survivor, Susan Pollack MBE, delivers moving account to CST staff, volunteers and their families

    27 Apr 2018 by CST

    CST was delighted to host Susan Pollack MBE, a Holocaust survivor and educator, to speak about her experiences growing up during the Holocaust. CST works to tackle antisemitism in modern day Britain and to protect the Jewish community and over 200 CST staff, volunteers and their families attended last night. It is crucial to hear the testimony of those who experienced what the worst forms of antisemitism can lead to.  

  • CST Annual Dinner 2018

    7 Mar 2018 by CST

    The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP, was CST’s guest of honour at our Annual Dinner in central London this evening. The dinner is CST’s main fundraising event of the year and was attended by over 800 guests, including donors, politicians, Police officers, communal partners and other supporters of CST’s work protecting our Jewish community.  

  • The Next Generation comes out to support CST

    16 Oct 2017 by CST

    CST is delighted to have hosted the largest Young CST event in recent history this week. We welcomed over 350 young supporters to One Marylebone for the Next Generation event on Saturday night. Significant funds were raised to help us in our work to combat antisemitism and protect our community. Guests…

  • CST hosts successful Real Estate and Finance Lunch with The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan

    2 Oct 2017 by CST

    CST was delighted to welcome Mayor of London, The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan, to the annual Real Estate and Finance Lunch, held at a prestigious Central London venue and sponsored by Deloitte. This was the eleventh successive year that the Lunch has been held, aimed at professionals in the  p roperty and  f inance industries, and over 220 guests attended to pledge their support  for  CST.      

  • The 2017 CST Dinner in Manchester

    12 Sep 2017 by CST

    Last night nearly 500 supporters of CST, including Politicians, Police and donors from the Manchester Jewish community and other northern communities, attended the 2017 CST Dinner in Manchester. CST is a charity that relies upon donations to do its work and fundraising events such as last night’s dinner are an opportunity for the Jewish Community and our friends to express their resolve to stand firm against antisemitism.    

  • CST holds first cyber security conference for the UK Jewish community in London

    7 Sep 2017 by CST

    Following several high profile cyber attacks that have affected businesses, charities, and government services alike, CST facilitated a one-day cyber security conference for the Chief Executives of the UK Jewish community in London. Over 40 people attended the event that took place at JW3 in North London. The aim of the conference was to provide the professional leadership of Jewish community organisations with a greater understanding of the threat and risks of cyber attacks and crucially what sort of policies and practices these organisations should be adopting to best protect themselves. 

  • CST hosts annual Metropolitan Police Lunch to recognise the importance of CST’s relationship with the Police

    5 Jul 2017 by CST

    CST hosted its annual Metropolitan Police lunch on 23 June, with keynote speaker, Commissioner Cressida Dick.  This annual event has for twenty consecutive years been held in the senior officers' dining room at Scotland Yard, a unique privilege for CST and our supporters. However, the Metropolitan Police have just moved to a new headquarters which does not have an equivalent facility. Therefore we held this year's lunch at a nearby hotel and we were pleased to welcome a record number of attendees. CST’s close working relationship with the Police is a vital part of our work to protect our community in these uncertain times and we were delighted to host Commissioner Dick during such a difficult period for the Police in London following several terrorist attacks in recent months.

  • CST Annual Dinner 2017

    2 Mar 2017 by CST

    The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP, was the guest of honour at CST’s 2017 Annual Dinner in central London last night. The dinner is CST’s main fundraising event of the year. It was sponsored by Deloitte and attended by around 1,000 guests, including donors, politicians, Police officers, Jewish community partners and other supporters of CST’s work protecting our Jewish community.  

  • CST hosts another successful Police seminar at the Jewish Museum

    16 Dec 2016 by CST

    CST is proud of its close ties with the Police nationally. As part of this relationship, CST hosts and facilitates several training and education sessions during the year, such as the High Holy Day Briefing and various Police seminars nationwide.  

  • Successful lunch sees close to 250 guests pledge their support for CST

    13 Oct 2016 by CST

    CST hosted its annual Real Estate and Fundraising lunch on 10 October, sponsored by Deloitte, with keynote speaker Lord John Browne of Madingley, former Chief Executive of BP. This was the tenth successive year that the lunch has been held and nearly 250 guests attended in support of CST and the vital work it does.  

  • National Hate Crime Awareness Week 8 – 15 October 2016

    9 Oct 2016 by CST

    Founded in 2009 to mark the 10th anniversary of the London Nail Bomb attacks in Brixton, National Hate Crime Awareness Week is taking place this year between 8th-15th October. The week is coordinated by the 17-24-30 NO to Hate Crime campaign and Stop Hate UK. 17-24-30 was set up to commemorate the dates of the three London nail bombs planted by David Copeland, a racist homophobe who wanted to target the Black, Asian and Gay communities in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho. The attacks left three people dead and injured over 130 people.  

  • CST hosts successful pre-High Holy Day Briefing

    14 Sep 2016 by CST

    Last night CST hosted approximately 300 volunteer personnel, security guards and Police at the pre-High Holy Day security briefing. CST’s Chief Executive David Delew welcomed the attendees, and thanked the Government and Police for their work in protecting the Jewish community; and for their partnership with CST. He also summarised many of the recent improvements in communal security, including the new 24/7 CST national security control room and the provision of important protection measures and new communication equipment.

  • CST hosts sell-out fundraiser with Mark Ronson and Jess Glynne in concert

    16 Jun 2016 by CST

    On Thursday night, Young CST hosted a sell-out event in London with chart-topper Jess Glynne and world-renowned music producer Mark Ronson. Over 180 guests attended the event, organised by the Young CST Committee, with a dinner followed by Jess Glynne performing a number of her well known hits and a DJ set from Mark Ronson.

  • CST quizzes London mayoral candidates

    6 Apr 2016 by CST

    Last night at JW3, the London Jewish Forum and Jewish News UK hosted the Jewish London Mayoral hustings, chaired by Doug Krickler. All the parties who have representation in Parliament were in attendance, including Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith; Labour’s Sadiq Khan; Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon; UKIP’s Peter Whittle and the Green’s work and pensions spokesman, Jonathan Bartley, who stepped in on behalf of Green candidate Sian Berry.  

  • CST Annual Dinner 2016

    3 Mar 2016 by CST

    The Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, was the guest of honour at CST’s Annual Dinner in central London last night. The dinner is CST’s main fundraising event of the year. It was sponsored by Deloitte and attended by around 1,000 guests, including donors, politicians, Police officers, Jewish community partners and other supporters of CST’s work protecting our Jewish community.  

  • CST Northern Dinner

    10 Nov 2015 by CST

    250 supporters of CST attended its annual Northern Dinner, in a leading Manchester city centre hotel on the evening of 9 November 2015.  

  • CST holds successful awareness event for Police officers

    22 May 2015 by CST

    Yesterday, CST held an awareness event for Police officers at London's Jewish Museum, as part of a training programme for Police that CST has been running in conjunction with the Museum since 2011.

  • Prime Minister David Cameron states he will not 'turn a blind eye' to antisemitism

    20 Mar 2015 by CST

    Various news outlets have covered the Prime Minister David Cameron's well received speech at CST's 2015 Annual Dinner.

  • CST Annual Dinner 2015

    19 Mar 2015 by CST

    Over 1,300 guests attended the CST Annual Dinner last night in central London. It was CST’s largest ever fundraiser and one of the UK Jewish community’s largest ever charity events.

  • CST Breakfast with Roy Hodgson

    9 May 2014 by CST

    England football manager Roy Hodgson was the guest speaker at a fundraising breakfast today for CST, held at the Arts Club in Central London. The room was packed full as attendees were warmly welcomed by CST’s Northern Regional Chairman Michael Edelson, who explained the valuable work against antisemitism performed …

  • CST Annual Dinner 2014

    6 Mar 2014 by CST

    Nearly 1,000 guests heard the guest of honour and Leader of the Opposition, the Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband MP, pledge last night at the CST annual dinner to continue government funding for security guards at Jewish schools if Labour win the 2015 General Election. In a sincere and heartfelt speech, Mr.…

  • CST Annual Dinner 2013

    28 Feb 2013 by CST

    Last night, approximately 1,000 guests attended CST's Annual Dinner in Central London, where they warmly appreciated a sincere and detailed keynote speech on preventing extremism by the Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP. CST is a charity that relies upon donations to do its work. This…

  • Run for CST in the Community Fun Run 2012

    26 Apr 2012 by CST

    CST is taking part in the Community Fun Run 2012 on Sunday 20th May at London Maccabi. Over the past 5 years over £500,000 has been raised for Jewish charities through the Community Fun Run. This important communal event has grown from the involvement of 13 charities in 2007 to 39 charities in 2012.?? Please join…

  • CST Annual Dinner 2012

    1 Mar 2012 by CST

    CST’s Annual Dinner is the most important event in our fundraising calendar. This year’s dinner was a great success; and was attended by over 1,000 supporters and guests, including many partners and friends from the worlds of politics, policing, media, academia, anti-racism and counter-extremism. CST Board member, Mark Mishon, i…

  • Political leaders supporting CST

    4 Nov 2011 by Dave Rich

    The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, and Mayor of London Boris Johnson, both expressed their support for CST at fundraising events this week. Nick Clegg, speaking at the CST Northern Region dinner in Manchester last night attended by 400 supporters of CST, expressed his admiration for CST and the wider Jewish…

  • Gwyneth Paltrow at Young CST Event

    7 Jul 2011 by CST

    Gwyneth Paltrow was the special guest of Young CST's summer cocktail event, where she was interviewed about her Jewish roots by Vanessa Feltz. This was Young CST's second ever event, following its launch last November. Young CST caters for CST supporters aged 25 to 35 years old. The evening…

  • Prime Minister David Cameron at the CST Dinner

    3 Mar 2011 by CST

        Prime Minister David Cameron was the guest of honour at last night's CST Dinner, where an audience of 1,100 people, including cabinet ministers, shadow cabinet ministers, MPs, Chief Constables and other senior police officers heard the Prime Minister voice his support for CST and the Jewish community in the…

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“Since 2003, CST has been a stalwart supporter of ODIHR in its efforts to effectively monitor antisemitic hate crime in the OSCE Region. With its rigorous methodology and innovative partnerships with the British police, it is viewed by many as representing the gold standard for NGO responses to all forms of hate crime. I wish CST all success in its exciting new phase of work.”

Michael Georg Link
OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights