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  • New publication reveals link between anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment

    4 Feb 2019 by CST

    A new publication, ‘The apartheid connection and calls for a boycott’, released last week by the Jewish Policy Research Institute (JPR) and CST, shows empirically that there is a strong connection between extreme hostility towards Israel and traditional forms of antisemitism. The report, written by David Graham and Jonathan Boyd, is based on the 2017 study, conducted by the JPR and CST, on attitudes in Britain towards Jews and Israel.  

  • CST calls on the Government to ban Hizbollah flags after flags banned in Berlin

    28 Jul 2016 by CST

    Al-Quds Day, an annual demonstration established in 1979 by Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini, that takes place in cities worldwide, has long been criticised for allowing the flying of Hizbollah flags. In the streets of London demonstrators have chanted “We are all Hizbollah” and each year flags of the organisation, whose military wing is proscribed as a terrorist entity in the United Kingdom, appear on the streets. The flag features an assault rifle, so its meaning could not be more clear.  

  • Potential UK impact of violence in Israel

    14 Oct 2015 by CST

    CST is monitoring current developments in Israel and how these may impact here in Britain.

  • Hidden Agenda at Southampton University?

    2 Apr 2015 by Mark Gardner

    The cancellation on “health and safety” grounds of a planned anti-Israel conference at Southampton University hides a deeper problem with the conference: its organiser’s insistence that Zionism can only be understood by deep reference and understanding of Jews, Judaism, “Jewish being” and “Jewish pathology”.

  • Robert Fisk and immoral equivalences

    18 Dec 2014 by CST

    Writing in the Independent, Robert Fisk gives a startling example of anti-Israel obsession, expressed in words that are about Jews, not Israelis. In doing so, he illustrates how far Israel's most trenchant critics will go in order to focus scrutiny and disgust upon it,&nbsp…

  • Raed Salah's incitement is not welcome here

    20 Nov 2014 by CST

    The horrific murder of four Rabbis and a policeman at a synagogue in Jerusalem on Tuesday was a shocking reminder that the rising tension in Jerusalem and the West Bank is taking on an increasingly religious dimension. This should be of concern to the many British Jews and British Muslims…

  • Jerusalem terrorist attack and ongoing tensions

    18 Nov 2014 by CST

    CST has today sent a security notice for display in communal buildings: This morning’s terrorist attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem is the latest incident causing rising tension in the area. In light of this ongoing tension, and also following the stabbing of a Jewish man on his …

  • Opposing antisemitism: an appeal to put words into action

    27 Aug 2014 by CST

    The past two months have seen the number of antisemitic incidents in Britain approach record levels Much of this has been due to extreme reactions to the conflict between Israel and Gaza that reached its latest ceasefire yesterday. This problem, and its link to extreme manifestations of anti-Israel…

  • July 2014: UK antisemitism reflections

    6 Aug 2014 by CST

    July 2014 now joins January 2009 as a month when war between Israel and Hamas caused antisemitism to spew forth across Britain. If this latest round of Middle East violence has now ended, then we may expect the antisemitism to gradually diminish: but…

  • Protesting Palestine, targeting Jews

    21 Jul 2014 by CST

    CST wrote last week about the danger of anti-Israel protests in the UK involving or encouraging antisemitism, either by targeting British Jews or by featuring antisemitic language and imagery. Since then, several more examples of antisemitic incidents and other activity in relation to anti-Israel protests have been reported to CST: …

  • A truth for a truth

    10 Jul 2014 by CST

    The current violence between Israel and Gaza has prompted two very different anti-Israel voices to utilise Judaism in their propagandist attacks upon the Jewish state. The Independent cartoonist Dave Brown has twisted the wording and meaning of the biblical “eye for an eye” quotation in a cartoon of Israeli jets a…

  • Ugly Truths and Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine

    7 May 2014 by CST

    The below article by CST's Mark Gardner originally appeared on the Left Foot Forward website. Last week’s Jewish Chronicleexposed the Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine group for having repeatedly linked via Facebook to articles on a notorious American antisemitic hate website, The Ugly Truth. Its strap-line “Zionism, J…

  • A "normative" life for European Jewry?

    1 May 2014 by CST

    The below article was written for the International Business Times, following their request for an article on contemporary antisemitism. It appears on the IBT website under the heading, Antisemitism isn't just a Jewish problem it threatens all of us The article in full: This week’s Israeli news …

  • Is criticism of Israel antisemitic?

    15 Nov 2013 by CST

    Jonathan Boyd, Executive Director of London's highly respected Institute for Jewish Policy Research, has a typically well written and thought-provoking article, concerning what is probably the most controversial question in the recent Fundamental Rights Agency survey of European Jews and antisemitism. (See previous CST blog…

  • Security Notice regarding current situation in Israel and Gaza

    15 Nov 2012 by CST

    The escalation of conflict between Israel and Hamas may lead to an increase in antisemitic incidents and threats against UK Jewish communities. All communal buildings and events are requested to ensure that their security measures are fully implemented. All visitors to communal buildings and events are requested to comply with…

  • One Minute for Munich

    27 Jul 2012 by CST

  • Boycott Israel: Zionists are “the most hateful people imaginable”

    25 May 2012 by CST

    The website of the London branch of the boycott Israel movement (the people who intend to disrupt next week’s Israeli performances of The Merchant of Venice), carries an article stating that Zionists are the most hateful people imaginable The boycott Israel article also describes Zionism as:  a murderous, …

  • Criticising Israel, and attacking Jews

    18 Jan 2012 by CST

    Yesterday's Guardian included a very good article by Tanya Gold regarding antisemitic discourse and the recent incident of a Nazi-themed drinking game on a London School of Economics ski trip, which resulted in a Jewish participant in the trip having his nose broken after objecting to the game. Predictably, because…

  • MEMO confirms Raed Salah faces charges for inciting racism in Israel

    13 Jan 2012 by Dave Rich

    One of the central allegations against Israeli sheikh Raed Salah, which led the Home Secretary to order his exclusion from the United Kingdom, was that he made a speech in Jerusalem in 2007 which invoked the antisemitic 'blood libel' and which led to a riot, and that he faces charges in…

  • Hitchens and the anti-Zionists

    20 Dec 2011 by Dave Rich

    I never met Christopher Hitchens, but I'm guessing he would be amused to discover that even in death he has various conspiracy theorists' heads spinning. First up is Craig Murray, with the approval of Inayat Bunglawala, claiming that Hitchens was a "zionist propagandist": The Iraq War killed hundreds of thousands…

  • Truth and lies on Sheikh Raed Salah

    28 Nov 2011 by Dave Rich

    Middle East Monitor (MEMO) has published a lengthy report (pdf) giving its version of events in the affair surrounding the arrest and attempted deportation of Sheikh Raed Salah. This has beencoveredextensively on the CST Blog, but there is one aspect which MEMO's latest report highlights quite gloriously: the extent to…

  • Raise Your Banners & Karl Dallas: You’re All ‘Zionists’ Now

    24 Nov 2011 by Mark Gardner

    Anti-Zionists usually deflect accusations of antisemitism by saying that they only criticise Zionists, not Jews. The ‘proof’ is usually provided by far left Jewish anti-Zionists: eagerly using their ‘Jewishness’ to all the better abuse the rest of the Jewish (ie ‘Zionist’) community, and the Jewish (ie ‘Zionist’) establishment in particular. Now, th…

  • Raed Salah and Hamas

    9 Nov 2011 by CST

    In the recent ruling (pdf) issued by the Immigration Tribunal which turned down Sheikh Raed Salah's appeal against deportation from the UK, the immigration judges noted that Salah: has admitted in criminal proceedings being involved with organisations used to fund Hamas, a group part of which is proscribed as being…

  • Middle East Monitor: faking a Jewish conspiracy

    5 Oct 2011 by Dave Rich

    Middle East Monitor (MEMO) is a pro-Palestinian lobbying group which generally supports Islamist positions within Palestinian politics. We have had cause to write about MEMO on this blog before, because they commonly promote conspiracy theories about politicians in Western nations being beholden to Jewish or Zionist political manipulation and financial…

  • From The Wandering Jew to The (new) Jewish Question

    3 Oct 2011 by Mark Gardner

    Gilad Atzmon is an ex-Israeli Jew. His latest book, “The Wandering Who?”, is potentially a key moment in the battle against contemporary antisemitism: forcing parts of the anti-Zionist left to finally confront the antisemitic dead-end that their over-heated fervour can lead to. The book is both old and new. I…

  • "Must watch" video at Norwich PSC website

    7 Sep 2011 by CST

    The website of the Norwich branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign carries a brief video by Iranian state propaganda outlet, Press TV, discussing Channel 4's 2009 documentary, "Inside Britain's Israel Lobby". (At the time, CST Blog insisted that this programme, despite its presenter's warnings against antisemitic conspiracy theory, risked…

  • Tower Hamlets, EDL, Jews and Israel.

    6 Sep 2011 by CST

    This weekend, Tower Hamlets in London's East End saw the latest attempt by the English Defence League to intimidate Britain's Muslim communities. Jews and Israel were dragged into the affair, by both the EDL and anti-Israel boycotters. Jewish representative groups had called for the…

  • Antisemitic and anti-Israel graffiti in north Manchester

    31 Aug 2011 by CST

    Greater Manchester Police are calling for witnesses following a spate of antisemitic and anti-Israel graffiti in Prestwich, north Manchester,overnight on Friday/Saturday 26-27th August. The graffiti read "Free Gaza", "Free Palestine" "Jew Scumbags" and "F**k the Feds". Thirteen different examples of the graffiti, all daubed in the…

  • Vile anti-Zionist "logic" at Guardian Comment is Free

    11 Aug 2011 by CST

     A 2010 survey by Jewish Policy Research examined the real interconnection between Jews and Zionists and Israel; and showed why the border between hatred of Jews, Zionism and Israel can be so porous. 72% of British Jews self-categorise as “Zionists” 82% of British Jews say Israel plays a “central” or “important but not …

  • Terrorist Incidents Against Jewish Communities and Israeli Citizens Abroad, 1968–2010

    27 Jul 2011 by CST

    17 years ago today, a car bomb exploded in the early hours of the morning outside Balfour House, in north London, which housed the offices of the Joint Israel Appeal and other Jewish and Israeli charities. A day earlier, another car bomb had detonated outside the Israeli Embassy in central London.…

  • If they're Jews send them back!

    22 Jul 2011 by CST

    Yesterday, CST Blog ran two separate items in the one posting: 1. part of an article about “American/neo-con ‘Long War’ to create a “New Middle East”…US/Zionist plans”: 2. an anti-Israel activist shouting "go back to bloody Russia" at a pro-Israel activist. We asked if you could …

  • Remorseless rubbish about the pro-Israel lobby

    21 Jul 2011 by CST

    Sometimes, the little things in maintream public discourse reveal how bad things have become regarding received wisdom about Jewish issues amongst the chattering classes. One such detail appears in an article by Gerard Gilbert in today's Independent newspaper concerning a forthcoming BBC programme about the controversy that…

  • American Nazi "Prophecy" and Dr Daud Abdullah: Deja Vu?

    12 Jul 2011 by CST

    Allegations of antisemitism are mounting against Sheikh Raed Salah of the Islamic Movement, as legal squabbles continue over Britain’s attempts to deport him back to Israel. Salah’s public relations defence is being led by MEMO (Middle East Monitor), a UK Islamist lobby / media group under the directorship of D…

  • Blogger, heal thyself

    21 Jun 2011 by CST

    Inayat Bunglawala has written a predictable blogpost attacking the government's new Prevent strategy; predictable in that he blames "Zionists" for influencing the government's new position. There is one line in his article which, although almost an aside, caused me to catch my breath. He writes: As I argued in my…

  • Demonstration at the Israeli Embassy: a clarification

    13 May 2011 by CST

    CST is aware that a demonstration in support of Israel has been organised to take place outside the Israeli Embassy in London this Sunday (this is totally separate from the 'We Believe in Israel' event on the same day). Some of the advertising for this demonstration claims that it has…

  • Hamas and Al-Qaeda: Mutual Condemnation or Shared Admiration?

    4 May 2011 by CST

    Hamas Tribute to Bin Laden The killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has prompted considerable analysis and unleashed varied emotions. Words of condemnation, statements in tribute to him and calls for revenge were to be expected from al-Qaeda (AQ) supporters and sympathisers in the Global Jihad Movement. Rather revealing,…

  • CST and the Board of Deputies of British Jews Call For Closure of Facebook “Intifada” Site

    29 Mar 2011 by CST

        The Board of Deputies of British Jews and CST (Community Security Trust) have received scores of enquiries and complaints regarding an Arabic language Facebook page calling for a “Third Palestinian Intifada”. The Board and CST are keenly aware that Middle East conflicts can often indirectly lead to s…

  • Stars in their eyes

    4 Feb 2011 by CST

    There are some people who cannot watch a major crisis without seeing the hidden hand of "Zionists", or Israel, directing events, influencing decision makers and generally interfering to prevent things from turning out how they properly should. The current crisis in Egypt is a case in point. Many people have…

  • Lincoln's blood libel and Seven Jewish Children

    20 Jan 2011 by CST

    In February 2009, the playwright Caryl Churchill wrote a short play, called Seven Jewish Children, as her "response to the situation in Gaza" the previous month. The play is explicitly about Jewish parents and children (Jews are mentioned in the title and the text, whereas the word "Israeli" does not appear…

  • The Guardian and America's "slavish subservience to Israel"

    12 Jan 2011 by CST

    The myth of Jewish power dominates antisemitism. The myth finds its strongest mainstream resonance in grotesquely overblown claims about Zionists, or Israel, controlling America. For example, the Guardian Comment is Free website saw fit to run an article on 29 December 2010 that stated America has slavish subservience to Israel Indeed,…

  • First Hamas came for the Jews, the Christians and the Communists.

    8 Dec 2010 by CST

    Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) carries footage and a transcript from a video of 3 December 2010, shown on the official Hamas run television channel, Al Aqsa TV.  PMW describe it as a "sermon" and provide the following translation Allah, oh our Lord, vanquish Your enemies, enemies of the…

  • OpenDemocracy and Zionist conspiracies

    7 Dec 2010 by CST

    OpenDemocracy is a news, commentary and analysis website that claims in its mission statement: openDemocracy publishes high quality news analysis, debates and blogs about the world and the way we govern ourselves. We are not about any one set of issues, but about principles and the arguments and debates about…

  • Al Quds Day - is it for you?

    3 Sep 2010 by CST

    The Innovative Minds website has posted an article titled "Al Quds Day - Is It For You?", which aims to "cut through the hasbra (sic)" which it claims "Zionists" have been spreading to discourage people from attending. This includes an explanation of why, although Quds Day was created by Ayatollah…

  • Antisemitism and anti-Israel racism

    26 Aug 2010 by CST

    Disputes and arguments over alleged antisemitism have a habit of quickly heading down a dead end of accusations and counter-accusations, leaving no common understanding or resolution. A derogatory comment about Jews, or Israel, or Zionism is made; the person who made it is accused of antisemitism;…

  • My Jewish Optician Might Shoot Me

    5 Aug 2010 by CST

    It is neither CST’s desire nor role to act as a public relations outlet for Israel. However, when antisemitism arises, directly, because facts have been deliberately omitted from an anti-Israel article, we will say so. Today’s Independent provides one very small example of this. In this instance, the a…

  • Oliver Stone: “Conspiracy Theorist: Who, Me...???”

    28 Jul 2010 by CST

    Film director, Oliver Stone, famously knows a thing or three about conspiracies. Odd then, that when telling the Sunday Times about his next project, the "Secret History of America” he should have fallen foul of the hoary old one about Jews running the world. Stone’s comments appeared at t…

  • The Drip, Drip, Drip of Criticism and Hatred

    6 Jul 2010 by CST

    In recent days, I have seen seven ostensibly different news stories and events that show the drip, drip, drip of criticism and hatred of Jews, Zionism and Israel. Depressingly, there is nothing special whatsoever about these last few days. There have been no flood alerts, just the usual&nbsp…

  • The Mavi Marmara Metaphor

    6 Jul 2010 by CST

    I have written an article for Standpoint magazine's website, discussing what the Gaza flotilla tells us about the state of the alliance between Islamists and leftists in Europe: The working alliance between Islamists and leftists in Britain emerged out of anti-Israel demonstrations after the start of the second…

  • Robert Fisk: words, power, genocide and Holocaust

    22 Jun 2010 by CST

    The Independent newspaper (21 June 2010) featured a double page spread entitled “Fighting talk” by Robert Fisk in which he railed about the use of semantics by journalists, but revealed some very curious semantics of his own.    “Fighting talk” is a lengthy article about the use and the abuse of …

  • Palestine Telegraph and "Jewish power"

    17 Jun 2010 by CST

    Palestine Telegraph has published an article by Gilad Atzmon in which he defends Helen Thomas's call for Israeli Jews to "go home to Poland, Germany, America and elsewhere." The website's editor, Sameh Habeeb, has previously denied allegations of antisemitism relating to comments he made to a Leeds student newspaper about…

  • Shut Up Jewish Israelis (And go back to Poland...or to Auschwitz)

    8 Jun 2010 by CST

    As so often, a controversy involving Israel has exposed the widespread conceit that anti-Israel hostility and antisemitism are two distinct phenomena. While they are certainly not the same thing, the border between them is frequently porous. In this instance, the controversy concerns Israel’s seizure of boats heading for …

  • Mearsheimer's Lists

    7 May 2010 by CST

    It is a curious fact that many of the academics and professors who so eagerly bash Israel and Zionism, do so whilst moonlighting from other issues in which they are actually specialist, but don’t seem quite so animated about. When a professor uses their own academic field to bash …

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