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  • Terrorist incident at Parson’s Green Underground Station

    15 Sep 2017 by CST

    Police are treating as a “terrorist incident” this morning’s explosion on an underground train at Parsons Green station, west London.  

  • Are we doing enough to tackle terror in the UK?

    7 Jun 2017 by CST

    The horrific terrorist attacks in London and Manchester in recent weeks have opened a debate about whether this country doing enough to tackle terrorism, and what else can be done to stop young men (and it is usually men) from going out to kill as many people as they can in the name of radical Islamist ideology.

  • Security bulletin following recent London and Manchester attacks

    4 Jun 2017 by CST

    Following the latest terrorist attack in London on 3 June 2017, CST asks our community to be calm and vigilant, to cooperate with security measures and to report suspicious activity. 

  • Security bulletin following 22 May terror attack, Manchester

    23 May 2017 by CST

    Following the terrorist attack in Manchester on 22 May 2017, CST requests that our community be calm, vigilant and cooperates with security measures at UK Jewish communal locations.

  • Brussels terrorism and UK security

    22 Mar 2016 by CST

    The Jihadist terror attacks in Brussels on the morning of 22 March 2016 are a tragic reminder of why security measures are in place at UK Jewish communal venues and events. We offer our condolences to all those affected by this latest outrage.  CST asks that all communal venues, organisations and events ensure existing security procedures are reviewed and rigorously enforced. We ask everybody attending communal buildings and events to follow the instructions of the security officers present.    

  • Potential UK impact of violence in Israel

    14 Oct 2015 by CST

    CST is monitoring current developments in Israel and how these may impact here in Britain.

  • Police announce new risk assessment for Jewish community

    16 Jan 2015 by CST

    National Policing Lead for Counter Terrorism, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, has announced that the terrorist threat assessment relating to the UK Jewish community has been increased in the light of recent events in Paris, Belgium and elsewhere. Assistant Commissioner Rowley said: The global picture of terrorist activity does give us…

  • CST Security Response to Paris Murders

    11 Jan 2015 by CST

    CST, working with Police and Government, has increased its security cover at Jewish locations throughout the country. This is in response to the terrorist attack on Friday 9th January in Paris upon the Hyper Cacher Jewish store, in which four hostages were killed by a Jihadi terrorist. The previous day,…

  • Paris Kosher grocery terror attack - latest CST statement

    9 Jan 2015 by CST

    Media reports indicate that hostages have been taken at a kosher grocery store in Paris, and that there may well be casualties in the incident. This follows the murder of a Police officer in Paris yesterday and the deadly terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office on Wednesday. There…

  • Security notice regarding terrorist incident in Paris

    9 Jan 2015 by CST

    Media reports indicate that hostages have been taken at a kosher grocery store in Paris, and that there may be casualties in the incident. This is believed to be linked to the murder of a Police officer in Paris yesterday and the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office…

  • Charlie Hebdo: Security, Liberty, Democracy

    8 Jan 2015 by CST

    CST utterly condemns yesterday's terrorist murder of 12 people at the office of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, and our thoughts are with the families of those killed and injured. We wish every success for the French authorities' efforts to locate and arrest those responsible. Jihadist terrorism in Europe is…

  • Jerusalem terrorist attack and ongoing tensions

    18 Nov 2014 by CST

    CST has today sent a security notice for display in communal buildings: This morning’s terrorist attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem is the latest incident causing rising tension in the area. In light of this ongoing tension, and also following the stabbing of a Jewish man on his …

  • UK antisemitism: current situation

    14 Jul 2014 by CST

    The correlation between Middle East conflict and antisemitism against Jewish Diaspora communities is well known. It is one of the primary reasons for the work of CST, and the partnerships that we have (out of necessity) with Jewish communities, Police, Government, politicians and good people of all faiths and none. …

  • Current situation: security note

    2 Jul 2014 by CST

    Due to current tensions in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, CST has issued an advisory notice to all UK Jewish communal venues, stating that security procedures should be rigorously followed. CST is in close contact with Police and Government. They are aware of our concerns…

  • CST addresses international conference on Jewish community security needs

    17 Jun 2013 by CST

    CST’s Deputy Director of Communications, Dave Rich, was one of the speakers at an international conference in Berlin last week to address the security needs of Jewish communities. The conference was arranged by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to look at the challenges posed by …

  • Security Notice regarding current situation in Israel and Gaza

    15 Nov 2012 by CST

    The escalation of conflict between Israel and Hamas may lead to an increase in antisemitic incidents and threats against UK Jewish communities. All communal buildings and events are requested to ensure that their security measures are fully implemented. All visitors to communal buildings and events are requested to comply with…

  • CST Security Advice: possible terrorist incidents in India and Georgia

    13 Feb 2012 by CST

    According to media reports, an Israeli diplomat’s car has exploded in New Delhi, India, today, injuring one person, and explosives have also been found near the Israeli Embassy in Tblisi, Georgia. While the exact circumstances of these two incidents are not yet clear, CST advises all Jewish communal organisations …

  • Guardian article regarding government funding for security guarding at Jewish schools

    27 Jan 2012 by CST

    CST is astonished that the Guardian has chosen to mark Holocaust Memorial Day by attacking the funding provided by the government to pay for security guarding at Jewish state schools in England and Wales. This funding is provided to protect Jewish schools against terrorism. This is a real threat: just…

  • Current security situation

    10 Aug 2011 by CST

    CST website has been updated with security advice following widescale public disturbances and riots in London, Birmingham and elsewhere. To be clear, there is no suggestion that any of the violence has been deliberately directed against Jews or Jewish communal property. The violence is, however, quite indiscriminate and could as…

  • Government announces funding for security at Jewish faith schools

    8 Dec 2010 by CST

    Earlier today the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove MP, wrote to CST to announce that the Government has agreed to provide financial assistance for the payment of security guards at all 39 Jewish Voluntary Aided faith schools in England. CST has held discussions with the Department for Education about…

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