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  • Labour’s Refusal to Shun Livingstone Normalizes antisemitism

    6 Apr 2017 by Dave Rich

    The former London mayor’s claims go well beyond lazy moral equations of Israel with Nazi Germany ubiquitous in anti-Israel circles. They have more in common with Holocaust denial.  

  • Jew-hate: a guide for the perplexed

    6 May 2016 by Dave Rich

    The below article is the original version of an opinion piece published by the Jewish Chronicle on 6 May 2016 written by CST's Dave Rich.

  • The radical left & “some kind of problem with Jews”

    17 Feb 2016 by Mark Gardner

    CST calls for a full investigation of the serious allegations made against Oxford University’s Labour Club. This follows yesterday’s resignation of the Labour Club’s co-chair Alex Chalmers, who said his erstwhile colleagues “have some kind of problem with Jews”.    

  • CST condemns post on LSE Human Rights Blog

    4 Dec 2015 by CST

    CST condemns a post on the LSE Human Rights Blog by Dr Sandra Nasr, titled "Delegitimising through Dehumanisation: Palestinian ‘human’ rights denied", for its false and offensive caricature of Jewish law and religious beliefs.

  • Hatred at the heart of the campus wars

    3 Nov 2015 by CST

    CST's Dave Rich has an article about antisemitism and anti-Zionism on campus in the Jewish Chronicle.

  • Hidden Agenda at Southampton University?

    2 Apr 2015 by Mark Gardner

    The cancellation on “health and safety” grounds of a planned anti-Israel conference at Southampton University hides a deeper problem with the conference: its organiser’s insistence that Zionism can only be understood by deep reference and understanding of Jews, Judaism, “Jewish being” and “Jewish pathology”.

  • #keepingitkosher - A Student's Guide to Antisemitism

    1 Oct 2014 by CST

    As a new academic year begins, CST and the Union of Jewish Students have produced a new guide to help students identify and tackle antisemitism on campus. #Keepingitkosher - A Student's Guide to Antisemitism has been distributed by Jewish Societies at Freshers' Fayres and can be downloaded from the…

  • Antisemitic cuckoo coming to Nottingham University?

    13 Mar 2014 by CST

    The participation of Tim Llewellyn in a forthcoming FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Student Societies) conference at Nottingham University on 15th March, raises deeply troubling questions about the attitude of FOSIS to its Jewish counterpart, the Union of Jewish Students. Llewellyn is a former BBC journalist, who now peddles ugly…

  • LSE students, Nazi drinking games and antisemitic assault

    15 Jan 2012 by CST

    The London School of Economics student newspaper, The Beaver, today reports on an appalling antisemitic assault that took place on an LSE Athletics Union ski trip over the Christmas holidays: LSE students are facing disciplinary action after participating in a Nazi-themed drinking game during the Athletics Union’s ski …

  • Gilad Atzmon: what you see is what you get

    15 Nov 2011 by CST

    Gilad Atzmon is an ex-Israeli jazz musician whose new book, The Wandering Who? is quite probably the most antisemitic book published in this country in recent years. As a result of this book, Atzmon spoke last week at Exeter University, at a meeting organised by the Friends of Palestine society …

  • Chanan Reitblat on fighting racism

    22 Sep 2011 by Dave Rich

    Chanan Reitblat, the Jewish student at St. Andrews University who was racially abused by Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign member Paul Donnachie, has written an account of what happened to him, and explained why he wanted Donnachie to be prosecuted. He writes: When I was a child, my family immigrated to…

  • SPSC & the Jewish People

    31 Aug 2011 by CST

    Paul Donnachie, the St. Andrews University student convicted of the racially aggravated harassment of a Jewish student because that student had an Israeli flag on his wall, told the court that he is a member of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC). SPSC, as noted before on this blog, has…

  • St. Andrews student racism case - SCoJeC report

    30 Aug 2011 by CST

    The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SC0JeC) has published a report on the St. Andrews University case, in which one student, Paul Donnachie, was convicted of racially aggravated harassment of a Jewish student, Chanan Reitblat. The SCoJeC report is worth reading in full. It succinctly summarises the evidence presented…

  • 'Anti-racist' anti-Zionism and the law

    24 Aug 2011 by CST

    Paul Donnachie, a student at St. Andrews University in Scotland, has been expelled from the university after being found guilty of racially abusing a Jewish student. Donnachie had defaced (in an obscene manner) an Israeli flag on the wall of Chanan Reitblat's bedroom, and called Reitblat a terrorist. The trial…

  • Communities Secretary Calls For Equalities Investigation Into UCU

    30 Jun 2011 by CST

    Today's Jewish Chronicle carries a strong article by Communities and Local Govt Secretary, Eric Pickles, in which he denounces the current and past behaviour of the University and College Union (UCU). It ends with this declaration When seen in this context, the latest resolution [in which UCU rejected the…

  • From UCU to MEMO and "Israel's British hirelings"

    16 Jun 2011 by CST

    Of the many depressing features around the University and College Union's (UCU) trashing of the European Union Monitoring Centre's Working Definition of Antisemitism, perhaps the worst one is the basic denial of the decency and humanity of those expressing concerns about antisemitism. In this, the UCU…

  • On hating Israel and hating Jews

    13 Jun 2011 by CST

    A lot of stupidity (and even more hypocrisy) has been spouted in over-eager defence of the University and College Union's banning of the European Union Monitoring Centre's working definition of antisemitism. I am not, however, aware of any UCU defenders having referrred to the…

  • UCU, EUMC and the need for context

    10 Jun 2011 by CST

    The Engage website has a typically excellent recap of the resignations and exchanges of letters that have brought about the current controversy between many Jewish communal groups, Engage and the University and College Union. The article should be read here on Engage. It is premised upon…

  • Throwing the bathroom out with the bathwater

    31 May 2011 by CST

    This is a cross-post by Dan Sheldon, Campaigns Director of the Union of Jewish Students, from the UJS Blog That the UCU has chosen to condemn and disassociate itself from the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism is no surprise. Infact, that’s probably one of the worst aspects of this …

  • George Galloway on shifting sands

    11 Mar 2011 by CST

    George Galloway spoke at a meeting at the London School of Economics on Monday, in which, according to this Jewish Chronicle report, he made several astonishing statements. I wrote last week about the celebration of stupidity at LSE, but Galloway's performance is something else entirely. Despite his reputation as…

  • Studying stupidity at LSE

    1 Mar 2011 by CST

    "Antisemitism", writes Anthony Julius in Trials of the Diaspora, "is an affair of ignorance, stupidity, and baleful prejudice." More than that, "antisemitic conspiracy theories comprise the great political stupidity of modern times". The same could be said for the 'Ziocentrism' displayed by people who explain everything that happens in the…

  • Guardian letter and an unbecoming headline

    24 Feb 2011 by CST

    The Guardian (24 February 2011) carries a lengthy letter jointly signed by CST, Board of Deputies and Union of Jewish Students. The paper was under no obligation to carry the letter, especially given its length, but regrettably it has been framed on the letters page in a disconcerting…

  • How many antisemitic themes can you fit into one website?

    4 May 2010 by CST

    A row has brewed up at Leeds University, where an edition of Leeds Student newspaper has been pulled because of a comment in an interview with Sameh Habeeb, editor of the Palestine Telegraph website. Specifically, when asked whether mainstream news organisations have a hidden agenda, Habeeb replied: They are certainly…

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