• Devon and Cornwall Police win award for their handling of antisemitism terrorist incident

    CST would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to Devon and Cornwall Police, overall winners at the World Class Policing Awards 2019. The constabulary was recognised for their leading contribution in a number of areas, including digital device detection, policing the badger cull, support of domestic abuse victims, strategic alliance, and their handling of the terrorist incident at Exeter Synagogue.  

  • CST prepares Police and volunteers to protect our Jewish community during the High Holy Days

    This week, CST hosted approximately 200 volunteer personnel, security guards and Police at the pre-High Holy Day security briefing. The briefing takes place annually to ensure that we are prepared to protect our Jewish community during one of the community’s most visible times.  

  • CST working to protect our Jewish students on campus

    CST works to protect Jewish students on campus across the United Kingdom. CST’s dedicated Campus Team works with students across the country to ensure their safety from antisemitism, extremism and terrorism; whether they are students who give their time as CST Volunteer Security Officers, students who are involved in their Jewish society and any other Jewish student on campus who feels they need support to combat antisemitism or protect their community.  

  • The women of CST: Part Two

    7 March 2019

    This week, CST is looking at the inspirational women who help CST to protect our Jewish community, from working in security to recording antisemitic incidents – there is a role for everyone. Today, we highlight the importance of antisemitic incidents, online and offline, and how the women of CST have pioneered work in this field.  

  • The women of CST: Part One

    6 March 2019

    This Friday marks International Women’s Day 2019, a focal point for women’s rights across the globe. This year’s theme is Balance for Better – promoting and celebrating women’s achievements, challenging bias and issuing a call-to-action on gender balance. To some, CST may appear to be a masculine security group dominated by men, with all too few roles for women to protect our Jewish community. In fact, CST has a rich history of female involvement and many key members of staff driving the organisation are women. Here we will introduce you to a few of these inspirational women, from stopping physical threats to leading CST’s antisemitic incidents team, working behind the scenes to ensure the security and protection of our Jewish community.   

  • CST hosts National Instructor Seminar

    CST strives to constantly ensure that volunteers, as well as those that teach them the skills to protect our Jewish community, are constantly kept up to date with the latest security principles and knowledge. CST hosts training sessions throughout the year, for all our volunteers, instructors and members of the community, to keep our Jewish community safe.  

  • Psychological Resilience Training: Preparing the Jewish Community to recover emotionally from crisis

    As part of a push to improve the overall resilience of the Jewish community, CST recently organised and hosted two full-day Psychological Resilience Conferences, one in Manchester and one in London. The aim of the conferences was to give communal organisations the tools with which to prepare themselves in the event of a major incident or crisis. 

  • Leading from the Front: CST, rabbonim and community leading lights

    Over the past few months, CST has developed a new project working with synagogue bodies, reaching out to rabbonim, chairs and other community leaders, to develop their understanding of CST’s work to keep our Jewish community safe and to encourage them to help CST in its mission to give the Jewish community the freedom and confidence to thrive. Called ‘Leading from the Front’, this project includes discussions on the mission of CST, crisis management for the Jewish community, and the role of CST's state-of-the-art national security control centre.  

  • CST launches ‘A Parent’s Guide to CST’ at the Maccabi Community Fun Run

    CST launched its brand-new publication, ‘A parent’s guide to CST’ on Sunday at the Maccabi Community Fun Run at Allianz Park. CST chose this event to launch the Parent’s Guide at the run because of the sheer number of Jewish families, from across the Jewish religious spectrum, who were attending to run and support those braving the 1km, 5km and 10km races. The guide is directed at parents in order to give them an understanding of the crucial work CST does across the community to protect Jewish children; whether they be at school, at a youth camp or at any Jewish communal event or site.   

  • CST secures Jewish community counter-demonstration

    14 June 2018

    On Sunday, Community Security Trust secured the Jewish community counter-demonstration against the annual Al Quds Day march. The counter-demonstration was organised by the Zionist Federation, speakers included Chairman of the Zionist Federation Paul Charney and the broadcaster and former extremist Maajid Nawaz. 

  • CST hosts first security course at secondary school for the next generation of CST volunteers

    CST recently ran its first ever full training course at a Jewish secondary school. Twelve students successfully graduated as fully-fledged CST volunteers after attending a ten-week course at the Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS).  

  • CST prepares to protect our Jewish community in the run up to the High Holy Days

    CST has hosted a number of pre-High Holy Day briefings in recent weeks in order to prepare Police, security volunteers, security officers and commercial guards for the large security operation that will take place during the High Holy Day period . Briefings took place across the country, including in Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool, Sussex, Birmingham and London.  

  • CST sets up first Jewish Community Psychological First Aider team

    26 July 2017

    CST has begun training current CST security officer volunteers and others from the community to become Psychological First Aiders. This has been in planning for some time and following several terror attacks in London, Manchester and across the continent, the need to deliver trauma support to the Jewish community in the event of an attack has become increasingly apparent. CST has created the first Jewish Community Psychological Response Team, led by a team of professional psychologists, to help those affected in the event of a major incident.  

  • CST volunteers and commercial security guards detain man with knife

    On the morning of Saturday 15 July, CST volunteers and commercial security guards helped protect the Jewish community from a potentially serious incident.   Shortly after 11.15am, a man was seen running in Brent Street, Hendon, north west London. The man was barefoot and bare chested, carrying two knives (one a large kitchen style knife, the other smaller). He rushed down a narrow lane in which a synagogue is located, and which is a dead end. Ahead of him, synagogue congregants ran into the building, ushered by the synagogue’s own CST-trained security officer and a commercial security guard employed by the synagogue.

  • CST volunteers show their commitment to protecting our community after London and Manchester attacks

    Following the tragic Manchester and London attacks, which left 30 people dead, two hundred CST security volunteers participated in vigorous, specially designed security training scenarios. CST’s staff and volunteers are fully committed to the task at hand, confronting the threats facing both the Jewish community and our wider British society.  

  • CST security officers graduate, following another successful year for the CST Training Department

    29 December 2016

    CST’s security volunteers are crucial for CST’s work keeping the Jewish community in the United Kingdom safe. With a wave of terror attacks across Europe in 2015 and 2016, the Jewish community has often been a secondary or tertiary target for attacks, such as in Copenhagen and Paris in early 2015. In light of this, CST relies on its security volunteers more than ever to protect the Jewish community.  

  • CST receives award for outstanding, unique and long term contribution to British Communal life

    11 November 2016

    Last night at the Jewish Chronicle 175 th Anniversary awards, CST’s Chief Executive David S Delew received, on on behalf of CST's volunteers, staff and trustees, an award for an outstanding, unique and long term contribution to British Communal life. David S Delew responded to receiving the award:

  • CST working to protect the kehilla

    10 June 2016

    CST hosted a successful open evening this week for members of the kehilla in Stamford Hill. The evening was aimed at those interested in joining or working with CST to help protect our Jewish community. CST invests in the kehilla to ensure the ongoing safety and future protection of all Jewish communities in the United Kingdom. CST has spent, in addition to government funding administered by CST, over £1.2 million for security measures within the kehilla.  

  • Over 75 new volunteer security officers graduate

    21 April 2016

    CST wishes to congratulate  over 75 new volunteer security offices who completed their training courses over the past month. The volunteers who graduated come from all parts of the Jewish community and from all age ranges. The courses held in March and April included two intensive residential courses which challenge the recruits to ensure they can help to secure and protect our Jewish community.  

  • CST sees over 30 new security volunteers graduate

    22 March 2016

    Following the heinous terror attacks at Jewish locations in Paris and Copenhagen in early 2015, CST has seen record numbers of security volunteers join CST to help us ensure that we are ready to protect our community.

  • Record numbers of CST security volunteers graduate

    CST security volunteers are vital in CST’s work to protect our Jewish community. This year we have witnessed terror attacks directed against Jewish communities in Europe: in Paris & Copenhagen. Following the murder of Dan Uzan Z”L, the Jewish security volunteer killed whilst protecting a Bat Mitzvah in the Danish capital, CST saw a spike in the number of applicants to join our security training courses.  

  • CST accredited with good practice for volunteer management

    10 December 2015

    CST’s volunteers are at the heart of all our work protecting the Jewish community. We literally could not function without them and we do everything we can to ensure they have the skills and the equipment they need to do their work. This is why we are proud to have been accredited with adhering to good practice in volunteer management by the Jewish Volunteer Network. CST is now one of only 10 organisations to have received this accreditation.  

  • Danish Jewish security volunteer Dan Uzan Z”L named ‘Dane of The Year’

    10 December 2015

    Dan Uzan Z”L, the Jewish security guard who was slain whilst on duty at the Great Synagogue in Copenhagen, has been voted ‘Dane of the Year’ by Danish Newspaper, Berlingske. Dan was brutally murdered protecting 80 people during a Bat Mitzvah party on early Sunday 15 February 2015 by Danish-Palestinian gunman Omar El-Hussein. Dan was just 37 years old.  

  • Over 100 Security Volunteers Graduate as Five Courses Finish

    22 July 2015

    CST’s security volunteers are crucial for CST’s work keeping the Jewish community in the United Kingdom safe in these challenging times. With an increase in antisemitic attacks across Europe, including the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen at the beginning of this year, CST has been inundated with applications to join our growing pool of security volunteers.

  • New CST recruits graduate as security volunteers

    2 April 2015

    Last night, approxmately 120 new CST security volunteers graduated after completing CST training courses in London.

  • Increased support for CST since Paris, Copenhagen attacks

    16 March 2015

    The Jewish Telegraph Agency has written a profile of CST following the terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen at the beginning of 2015. The article reveals the increased level of volunteering for CST from across the Jewish community since those attacks.

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