CST Government and International Affairs Director trains European police experts

9 Jul 2015 by CST

Mike Whine was a trainer at the first week long seminar on hate crime organised by the European Police College in July.


For many years the European Commission funded College, known by its acronym CEPOL, was based at Bramshill the UK police staff college, but moved to Hungary in 2014. It is now housed in the police academy in the centre of Budapest, but its academic staff are provided by the Law Enforcement Faculty of the Hungarian National University of Public Service.


Thirty police officers, including a community-support beat officer from Luton,  the head of the national French operational unit investigating domestic terrorism, the deputy head of the Polish national police force, the EUROPOL security head, Croatia’s head of counter terrorism and a variety of hate crime and intelligence specialists participated in the course.


Subjects taught included tolerance and diversity training, policing models developed in Slovenia, Germany and Northern Ireland, and the developing body of European hate crime legislation and case law. Mike Whine’s session was on the Perception, Causes and Consequences of hate crime, and is published here.


Another trainer was Robin Sclafani, of CEJI – a Jewish Contribution to an inclusive Europe, who host our partnership Facing Facts project, which trains European NGOs and Jewish community groups to monitor hate crime.

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