SAFE – is an initiative by Community Security Trust (CST) that aims to improve the security of the UK’s faith and minority communities. 


The threat of terrorism is all too real in today’s world. SAFE takes CST’s many years of experience protecting British Jews, and puts it to the benefit of all British faith and minority communities. Everyone has the right to lead their lives in safety and security.

To find out about the work of SAFE download the About SAFE leaflet.  

SAFE is currently delivering a comprehensive programme of webinars.  

Our programme will be of interest to any member of a community that feels vulnerable to violent extremism and hate crime. This will include people who regularly attend a place of worship, and in particular community leaders, managers of places of worship and people who wish to become involved in making their community and place of worship as safe as possible. All SAFE events are free. 

Please see our schedule for the rest of the year below, with links to the Zoom registration page.

  • 30th November at 2pm: Covid-19 & security 


  • 7th December at 7pm: Organising security for your place of worship 


  • 10th December at 2pm: Basic security for your place of worship 


  • 14th December at 7pm: Security – why? A brief history of terrorism 


  • 17th December at 2pm: Hate crime and your community 


Webinar Testimonials 

“Very informative and clearly presented" 

“Thought provoking"  

“Excellent presentation of the facts & how to respond" 

“If you have any concerns about security in your place of worship, or how security is affected by the current pandemic, then I highly recommend that you attend a SAFE webinar, they're free and highly informative at a pace that is easy to follow. If you have any questions you can ask them at the end and the people at CST will do their best to answer them, plus you get a free 60 page booklet which will be an invaluable aid to protecting your place of worship and helping to keep your congregants safe!" 

“SAFE by CST is a unique charitable organisation that generously gives of its expertise, experience and resources to all faiths, helping us all keep ourselves, each other and our places of worship safe. Thank you." 

We look forward to welcoming you onto a SAFE webinar soon.  

Please take a look at our SAFE Webinar Programme for more information: 



Contact SAFE


Phone: 0800 032 8456

Twitter: @SAFE_CST