SAFE – is an initiative by Community Security Trust (CST) that aims to improve the security of the UK’s faith and minority communities. 


The threat of terrorism is all too real in today’s world. SAFE takes CST’s many years of experience protecting British Jews, and puts it to the benefit of all British faith and minority communities. Everyone has the right to lead their lives in safety and security.

Sharing experience

Over the past 75 years CST has built a substantial body of knowledge. We are making this available to all communities that are targeted by violent extremism and hate crime, through talks and by publishing training materials.

Raising awareness

Hate crime is on the rise, everywhere. Places of worship and minority groups have been targeted by violent extremists around the world. Prompt action by UK police forces has thwarted multiple terror racially-motivated attacks. We raise awareness of the threats.

Community cohesion

UK faith communities can operate in isolation of each other. Through inter-communal engagement we think it is possible to build better cross-communal relationships. We are sharing our knowledge because it is the right thing to do.

Eligibility for SAFE help

Any community that feels vulnerable to violent extremism and hate crime is eligible to receive advice from SAFE.

Building resilience

As there are more than 37,000 registered UK places of worship, we cannot help each individually. Therefore through our talks and materials we aim to give communities the tools to improve their own security and make themselves less vulnerable to attack.

Contact SAFE


Phone: 0800 032 8456

Twitter: @SAFE_CST

To find out more about the work of SAFE download the About SAFE leaflet