SAFE shares CST’s security knowledge with groups outside the Jewish community that are vulnerable to violence, extremism or hate crime.

Everyone has the right to lead their lives in safety and security.

SAFE Webinar Programme 

A series of nine free one-hour security webinars delivered by CST. They can be watched in any order, but we recommend starting with ‘Basic security’. 

Who should attend?

Our programme will be of interest to anyone who is vulnerable to, or has been a victim of, hate or violence.
It will also benefit someone who wants to support someone else or learn more about our topics. This will include people who are involved in their local community and people who wish to help to make their community as safe as possible.

DateTimeSession titleDescription 
12.07.202214:00Personal safety and security for everyoneSimple tips to keep you safe during your busy daily lifeRegister
13.07.202219:00NEW Incident preventionHow to recognise hostile reconnaissance in an increasing difficult security environment, with MOPAC London and Faiths Forum for LondonRegister
21.07.202214:00Event security for your community Appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of large numbers of people Register
27.07.202214:00Incident preventionHow to recognise hostile reconnaissance in an increasingly difficult security environmentRegister
07.09.2022 14:00 Basic security An introduction to security for places of worship and faith communities Register
14.09.202214:00Conflict managementEffective communication in high-stress situationsRegister
21.09.202219:00Organising securitySecurity and risk management, and how to develop a security planRegister
29.09.202219:00Hate crime and your communityHow to deal with racial and religious hatred – especially in the digital ageRegister
20.10.202214:00Online securityHow to protect yourself and your community from online threatsRegister
26.10.202214:00Women's safetySimple tips to keep you safe during your busy daily lifeRegister

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CST believes that building better relations across communities is key to reducing prejudice and bigotry of all forms and uses its expertise to make practical contributions across society.