SAFE shares CST’s security knowledge with groups outside the Jewish community that are vulnerable to violence, extremism or hate crime.

Everyone has the right to lead their lives in safety and security.

SAFE Webinar Programme 

A series of free one-hour security webinars delivered by CST.

These topics can also be delivered in-person – if you would like to host a SAFE talk, please get in touch.

Please see our full programme list below:

Session titleDescription
Introduction to community securityA full two-hour ‘in-person’ talk
Basic securityThe first of our core webinars, designed to raise your awareness of security
Organising securityBuilding a team, crisis management, how to develop a security plan and carry out risk assessments
Event securityAppropriate security measures to ensure the safety of large numbers of people
School securityWe share our experience of keeping schools, and children, secure
Martyn’s LawUnderstanding the draft legislation 
Hostile reconnaissanceBeing able to identify behaviour which is unusual or out of the ordinary (suspicious) may save lives
Past terror attacks – lessons learnedThe phases of an attack and how we can learn from past incidents to foil future attacks
Women’s safety Simple tips to keep you safe during your busy daily life
Conflict managementEffective communication in high stress situations
Online securityHow to protect yourself and your community from online threats
Hate crimeHow to deal with hatred – especially in the digital age
Safeguarding awarenessIntroduction to safeguarding and how you can play your part
Exploring the far-rightAn exploration of the current state of the far-right in the UK
Countering radicalisation and changing mindsetsProtecting against the methodology and tactics used by the proponents of radicalisation
Incels, the new face of misogyny?A look at how the incel culture has moved into the mainstream

Who should attend?

Our programme will be of interest to anyone who is vulnerable to, or has been a victim of, hate or violence.
It will also benefit someone who wants to support someone else or learn more about our topics. This will include people who are involved in their local community and people who wish to help to make their community as safe as possible.

Contact SAFE

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Phone 0800 032 8456

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CST believes that building better relations across communities is key to reducing prejudice and bigotry of all forms and uses its expertise to make practical contributions across society.