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SECURITY ADVISORY NOTICES for the UK Jewish community 


CST Chief Executive, Mark Gardner, speaking at the Community Briefing. 


This morning CST met with Counter Terrorism Police, Greater Manchester Police, and other agencies where it was revealed that three men have been charged with planning to commit terrorism offences against British Jews. These are very serious allegations at a record time of antisemitic hate crime levels. We are assured by police that there are no further threats emanating from this particular case. This is however one of a number of recent and ongoing cases that demonstrate why the Jewish community needs such extensive security measures and why our continuing partnership with police and government is so vital.

We urge our Jewish community to continue following strict security measures, especially the reporting of any suspicious activity at or near Jewish locations to CST and police. As always, we will continue to work closely with the police to provide reassurance and protection for the Jewish community. Please find below the CST guidance to our community.

View full CST Security Notice.


The escalating conflict situation between Israel and Iran makes it even more important that communal organisations and venues follow strict security procedures.

CST hopes and expects that these security procedures will have been implemented following the Hamas terrorist attacks of 7 October, since when Israel has been at war and British Jews have suffered a very serious rise in antisemitism. 
CST stresses that this security notice is not based upon any specific intelligence or advance warnings. Nevertheless, Iran and Hizbollah have a long record of perpetrating terrorism around the world, including against Jewish people and Jewish institutions: and this is one of the main reasons why CST has invested so heavily in UK Jewish communal security over the last 30 years.
Please ensure that you follow the procedures that are in CST’s security notice and also be aware of the potential for cyber-attacks against IT infrastructure. Any suspicious activities should be reported to CST and 999 should always be used in an emergency.

View full CST Security Notice.

CST contact details 

For security advice and guidance, or to report an incident, please contact CST:

National Emergency Number (24-hour) 0800 032 3263

London & Southern Regions 020 8457 9999

Manchester & Northern Regions 0161 792 6666

In an emergency always call the police on 999, then call CST