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  • Middle East Monitor: faking a Jewish conspiracy

    5 Oct 2011 by Dave Rich

    Middle East Monitor (MEMO) is a pro-Palestinian lobbying group which generally supports Islamist positions within Palestinian politics. We have had cause to write about MEMO on this blog before, because they commonly promote conspiracy theories about politicians in Western nations being beholden to Jewish or Zionist political manipulation and financial…

  • MEMO confirms Raed Salah faces charges for inciting racism in Israel

    13 Jan 2012 by Dave Rich

    One of the central allegations against Israeli sheikh Raed Salah, which led the Home Secretary to order his exclusion from the United Kingdom, was that he made a speech in Jerusalem in 2007 which invoked the antisemitic 'blood libel' and which led to a riot, and that he faces charges in…

  • Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism: questions to answer

    8 Jul 2015 by Dave Rich

    The appearance of Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn MP at a hustings for the Jewish community later this month is likely to focus more attention on his reported remarks praising Hamas and Hezbollah. Corbyn will be speaking alongside the other three leadership candidates and, with the hustings chaired by Jonathan Freedland, he can expect some difficult questions.

  • Truth and lies on Sheikh Raed Salah

    28 Nov 2011 by Dave Rich

    Middle East Monitor (MEMO) has published a lengthy report (pdf) giving its version of events in the affair surrounding the arrest and attempted deportation of Sheikh Raed Salah. This has beencoveredextensively on the CST Blog, but there is one aspect which MEMO's latest report highlights quite gloriously: the extent to…

  • Tentacles, lobbies and the election

    13 Apr 2010 by CST

    Last week we and several others reported on Martin Linton, Labour MP for Battersea, Balham and Wandsworth and Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine, who claimed that "There are long tentacles of Israel in this country who are funding election campaigns and putting money into the British political system for…

  • Blogger, heal thyself

    21 Jun 2011 by CST

    Inayat Bunglawala has written a predictable blogpost attacking the government's new Prevent strategy; predictable in that he blames "Zionists" for influencing the government's new position. There is one line in his article which, although almost an aside, caused me to catch my breath. He writes: As I argued in my…

  • Zionists, Jews, responsible for inciting the West against Islam

    19 Dec 2013 by CST

    This article is taken from pages 22-23 of CST’s latest publication, Antisemitic Discourse in Britainin 2012. (36 page pdf here, executive summary here.) ------ One fast-developing theme of modern antisemitic discourse is the allegation that Zionists and/or Jews conspire to incite hatred and violence by the West against Islam. This …

  • MEMO: "Creating New Perspectives"...or reycling old ones?

    2 Dec 2010 by CST

    Middle East Monitor (MEMO) is a pro-Palestinian activist group that recently took a small delegation of MPs and journalists to “the West Bank and Israel”, including Labour MPs, Jeremy Corbyn and Andrew Slaughter; and Seumas Milne (columnist and Associate Editor of the Guardian). MEMO’s website describes itself as in…

  • Anti-Zionism: the frontline.

    12 Jun 2013 by CST

    Tonight, Ibrahim Hewitt (pro-Palestinian Islamist), David Hearst (senior Guardian writer) and Tim Llewellyn (ex-BBC Middle East correspondent), will be "critiquing the media’s approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict”. The venue is London journalist haunt, the Frontline Club. It will be chaired by Mark McDonald, a founder of Labour Friends o…

  • Is everyone Jewish on Google?

    22 Mar 2010 by CST

    A few weeks ago there was outrage in certain areas of the blogosphere about the suggested results given by Google when the terms “Arabs are” and “why do Arabs” is typed into the search engine.  These posts have generally accused Google and/or its users of racism because some of the …

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