Emergency Support

Have you ever thought about what would happen if there were a major disaster affecting the Jewish community in the UK? A terrorist attack for example, or a national disaster? How will the community respond? Who will take charge on behalf of the Jewish community?

Jewish Emergency Support Service (JESS) has a management plan, coordinated by CST, to deal with any emergency, either locally or overseas, which affects the British Jewish community.

JESS provides support to the government, emergency services, and national and local authorities in the event of a major emergency.

About JESS

JESS was set up in 1989 following a number of major incidents, including the Lockerbie bombing. Its initial aim was to offer relief, comfort and food to Jewish survivors in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy. It also offers post traumatic stress counselling to Jewish people both immediately after a disaster and in the long term.
In recent years JESS’s role has evolved, and it is now able to adapt to any circumstances.

In the event of an emergency today, JESS will:

  • Respond to any demands that the emergency creates, ensuring that a single point of contact is provided for the Jewish community
  • Co-ordinate a rapid and efficient response to all major emergencies within the Jewish community
  • Provide community leaders, organisations and emergency service organisations with a central single point of community contact in a major emergency
  • Establish a communication centre to ensure the regular flow of information between the community and emergency services
  • Co-ordinate emergency accommodation, kosher food, clothing and spiritual and religious guidance
  • Advise the authorities on Jewish issues that may result from an emergency


One of our major concerns is to ensure that the appropriate counselling is available for anyone who is involved in a traumatic event. Trained counsellors will be on standby to assist with any advice, guidance or practical help that may be needed.
JESS is co-ordinated by CST and is supported by a number of organisations including:

  • Jewish Care
  • United Synagogue
  • Office of the Chief Rabbi
  • Board of Deputies of British Jews

Contact JESS for more information 020 8457 9999 jess@cst.org.uk

Future Updates

“The CST is an incredible organisation, which every day is  out there protecting Jewish communities and their institutions across Britain...I along with my party, will continue to give our wholehearted support to CST.”

Nick Clegg MP
Former Deputy Prime Minister