Conspiracy Theories

Modern antisemitism is built on a conspiracy theory that Jews are very rich and powerful, and that Jews use this money and influence to manipulate and control governments, banks and the media. This kind of antisemitic conspiracy theory can appear in different forms, sometimes directed at prominent Jewish individuals like George Soros or families like the Rothschilds, but it always identifies Jews, Zionists or Israel as a ‘hidden hand’ secretly directing major world events to the detriment of humanity.

Conspiracy Callers

Anti-Jewish racism adapts, like a virus, taking on new forms. It's no surprise that the Covid pandemic gave rise to dangerous antisemitic conspiracy theories. Many of these have made their way across the internet, despite their origins in extremist spaces. They even get voiced in offline spaces. Have a look what happens when Marlon comes up against some listeners to his radio show with interesting modern day annoyances...

Interviewing The Internet

It can be hard to know what to believe on the internet these days. In this world of online misinformation and conspiracies, Jews can often suffer the consequences of such theories and abuse. Find out more about the Jewish man that the internet would have you believe is responsible for all the world's problems: George Soros.

Rothschild Conspiracy

Coronavirus and the Plague of Antisemitism

You can read CST’s full Research Briefing on Coronavirus and the Plague of Antisemitism: Or read CST's blog on the briefing: