Understanding Antisemitism

Antisemitism is hatred, bigotry, prejudice or discrimination against Jews: in short, it is anti-Jewish racism. The word 'antisemitism' came into use in the late nineteenth century to describe pseudo-scientific racial discrimination against Jews, but now it is generally used to describe all forms of discrimination, prejudice or hostility towards Jews throughout history.

What is Antisemitism?

So, what is antisemitism? Here is the most basic guide including IHRA working definition, which shows examples of the types of speech that can be antisemitic in certain contexts.

Antisemitism vs Anti-Semitism

Antisemitism vs. Anti-Semitism: why we don't include a hyphen.

How to comment on Israel without being antisemitic

As conflict rages in Israel, antisemitism rises in the UK - this happens with wearying predictability. Here are some top tips on how to comment in a non-antisemitic way. 

Take a Stand

We went out on the streets to find out what people know about antisemitism with Amanda from UJS in support of the Kick It Out #TakeAStand campaign.

Music Video | Joe & The Jews

What is antisemitism? Where does it come from? What does it look like in different parts of society? Joe will help you to unpack it all - hit play.

The Million

Labour? Conservative? Lib Dem? Scottish Nat? Who said it? Can you guess? Who said which antisemitic comment? Matching the answers to the right name might surprise you... Watch Marlon attempt to do so (and win £1,000,000 if he succeeds) in a new online game show, The Million.

On the Streets

We spoke to football fans, together with Amanda from UJS, about tackling racism and antisemitism in football. Take a look to see how we got on.