Security Enhancement Project

CST’s Security Enhancement Project funds security facilities, such as CCTV systems, fencing, anti-shatter window film, locks and alarms, at hundreds of Jewish buildings across the country.

The project has committed and spent over £6 million to strengthen our community’s buildings against attack. This money is raised entirely through voluntary donations and we thank all our donors who have contributed to this project.

The project’s goal is for all Jewish communal premises to meet the recommendations of Government counterterrorism guidance:

  • Deter a would-be intruder, by providing physical and electronic security measures, coupled with good management practices.
  • Detect an intrusion, by providing alarm and visual-detection systems with verification.
  • Delay an intrusion for a sufficient period of time to allow a response force to attend, by putting in place the appropriate physical security measures.

Security Measures Installed

 During 2018Since 2008
CCTV Cameras5825228
CCTV Monitors70829
Digital Video Recorders59624
Perimeter Fencing715 m9,960 m
Pedestrian Gates15233
Vehicle Gates16184
Access Control Systems38261
Security Grilles9382
Intruder Alarm Systems20186
Fire Alarm Systems446
External Lighting Systems972
Perimeter Protection Systems19
Security Doors14166
Security Cabins118
Anti-Ram Bollards0110

Future Updates

“I never stop being amazed at the professional, selfless and totally dedicated commitment shown by the CST staff and volunteers. Our community is indebted to CST for the comprehensive protection the organisation provides, which sadly is so very necessary at this time.”

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth