The language of genocide

22 Oct 2009 by CST

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has taken it upon himself to warn Europe and "the independent countries in the world" against the influence of Zionists (via MEMRI, transcript here):

Even before World War I, there was some talk [about forming] a very vicious and twisted organization to take over the entire world. Using their experience from colonialist days, they planned to take over all the nations, along with the material and spiritual resources of the world.

After World War I, exploiting the lack of vigilance of the region's peoples and of the Muslims, they turned the land of Palestine into the mandate of the old colonialism – England. During that period, the organized criminal Zionists created an atmosphere that enabled them to invade the land of Palestine. Under the guise of purchasing farms, orchards, and lands, they plundered a vast part of the land, using weapons, slaughter, and terror. With the help of the English government, and with the support of the spearheads of the English government, they turned the people into refugees.

Before World War II, the talk intensified and the activities increased. In the European countries, the very twisted show of "anti-Semitism" began. Of course, some governments and their people always hated the Jews because of the ugly conduct of some of them. They wanted to drive the Jews out of Europe. But anti-Semitism was planned mainly by some European governments and politicians, and by the Zionist network. They made hundreds of films, wrote hundreds of books, spread rumors, and conducted psychological warfare, in order to drive them away, to the land of Palestine.

Four or five years after World War II, they suddenly claimed that during that war, the Holocaust affair had taken place. In other words, according to their claims, several million Jews were burned in the crematoria. They created two slogans. The first was about the injustice suffered by the Jewish people. By means of lies, very twisted propaganda, and psychological warfare, they created the notion that the Jews suffered injustice, and, secondly, that they needed a land and an independent state. They acted so effectively that some of the world's politicians and intellectuals were also deceived and influenced.

Today too, the most important issue in the world is Palestine. If a war breaks out in Iraq, we believe it is due to the provocation of the Zionists. If it happens in Afghanistan, it is because of their provocation. If Sudan is oppressed, it is due to Zionist seduction. We consider all the arrogant, colonialist schemes to be inspired by the Zionists.


We asked them: If the Holocaust took place – and let's suppose that it did – where did it take place, if not Europe? Who are the people who claim to have done it? The European governments. Where did antisemitism begin? In Europe. Who started it? Those European statesmen and politicians. In order to drive some of the Jews out of Europe and settle them in Palestine, the Europeans themselves started antisemitism. Until now, the [Europeans] have promoted two contradictory processes – they planned antisemitism themselves, and they support the crimes of the Zionists without reservation.


Both are intended to achieve the colonialist goals. It is all done in order to dominate our region and the world. But they claimed that [the Jews] should have their own land. If we accept this logic, and we grant this right to all ethnic groups and peoples, what will happen? In my opinion, before granting them this right, we should grant it to the red-skinned people of America. Hundreds of millions of red-skinned people lived in a vast region. They had their own culture, their own customs, and their own civilization. You invaded, you perpetrated mass killings, you slaughtered them by the millions, and you occupied their land. If we agree that there should be an independent Jewish state in Palestine, and in the lands of others – then we must accept that the land of America should be returned to the red-skinned people.


This logic is the foundation of insecurity and widespread wars in the world. This logic will encourage everybody to take up arms and use them to resolve problems. This is inhuman and false logic. Let's assume that we accept this logic for the Jewish people. Where should they settle? Who acted towards them with injustice? Why should they settle in Palestine? Why not America, Europe, or Canada? That way, you could support them and maintain their security, and they would have no concerns. We have no objection to [the Jews] going and living in their countries, but they want to be generous at the expense of others. Why should Palestinians pay the price? You yourselves publicly declare that you committed crimes. It should be you who are placed on trial and who pay the damages. Instead, you committed the crimes, and the Palestinians and other people of the region pay the price. 


Confronting this regime and opposing Zionists are a national duty, as well as religious and Islamic duty, and a human duty. Even the people of Europe and America despise the Zionists. They hate them. They feel humiliated by the Zionists, who are a burden on them. 


I believe that with the complete formation of the global Zionist network, they have seized control of the fate of the European governments, and of the US government. To the independent countries in the world, I would like to say: You should know that the influence of the Zionist network on your culture, your politics, and your economy is tantamount to a violation of your independence. They cling like ticks. The moment they gain influence, they never stop.

There are still some people who cling onto the idea that Ahmadinejad never used the phrase "wipe Israel off the map", and was merely calling for some kind of peaceful change in the nature of the Israeli political system, in much the same way as happened in South Africa. Maintaining this position increasingly requires a willful blindness to the language of genocide. Look at the terminology in this speech: a "global Zionist network"; "ticks" that "never stop"; liars who "deceive" the world's politicians and start wars everywhere. It is not possible to coexist with the kind of monster that Ahmadinejad describes "Zionism" as being. This is the language of extermination, nothing less.

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