Happy Passover to all our readers

21 Apr 2016 by CST

Chag kasher v'same'ach. Wishing you a safe and peaceful Passover.

  • Thursday 14th April 2016 – a day I will never forget

    15 Apr 2016 by CST

    Thursday 14th April 2016 was a day I fulfilled a sense of obligation and something that I see as every Jew’s duty, regardless of “how Jewish” you are. Thursday 14th April 2016 I went to Auschwitz. Read more…

  • What antisemites really think

    14 Apr 2016 by Dave Rich

    Last night Channel 4 broadcast a documentary called “What British Muslims Really Think”, based on an opinion poll asking a range of questions about integration, identity, religion social attitudes. The survey included a set of questions about attitudes towards, and beliefs about, Jews. It confirmed the findings of previous polls, showing that levels of antisemitism in Muslim communities are higher than in the general population. This pattern has been found by polls across Western Europe. This latest poll showed something else that is interesting, and is not specific to Muslims: that people who believe antisemitic things about Jews rarely think of themselves as antisemitic. Read more…

  • When “militant Zionist” just means “Jew”

    12 Apr 2016 by CST

    Antisemitism comes in lots of different guises. It can be blatant, subtle or hidden. It can invent new antisemitic charges, or rely on a reservoir of old antisemitic language and images. Or, sometimes, it just swaps the word “Zionist” for “Jew”, in the naïve hope that doing so will change an antisemitic statement into a political one. Read more…

  • Far right demonstrators at Golders Green war memorial

    2 Apr 2016 by CST

    Nine far right activists held a supposed “anti-Shomrim” demonstration at the war memorial opposite Golders Green Underground Station from 1345-1415hrs on the afternoon of Saturday 2 April. Read more…

  • CST statement on alleged Islamic State terror threat against Jewish schools and kindergartens in Turkey

    29 Mar 2016 by CST

    Sky News is reporting about an alleged Islamic State terror threat against Jewish schools and kindergartens in Turkey. The story claims that this is an “active plot” that is “aimed specifically at Turkey’s Jewish community”.   Read more…

  • Ex Bradford Mayor, “Greater Israel” and Stupid Antisemitism

    24 Mar 2016 by Mark Gardner

    Watch these three minutes of sheer lunacy below. It is unlikely that you will have seen a more obvious example of antisemitic craziness (and no, it appears not to be Larry David having a Borat type laugh at the expense of stupid antisemites). Stupid as it is, this brings us immediately to the heart of antisemitic conspiracy theory and how it lies at the heart of anti-Israel and anti-Zionist conspiracy theory. After 9/11, the widely held accusation was that 4,000 Jews (not Zionists) were warned not to go to work in the Twin Towers, because Mossad was controlling Al Qaeda. Today, that shifts seamlessly into Mossad running ISIS.   Read more…

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