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Communities Secretary Calls For Equalities Investigation Into UCU

30 June 2011

Today's Jewish Chronicle carries a strong article by Communities and Local Govt Secretary, Eric Pickles, in which he denounces the current and past behaviour of the University and College Union (UCU). It ends with this declaration

When seen in this context, the latest resolution [in which UCU rejected the 'Working Definition of Antisemitism'] is in fact sending out a chilling message. It says that Jewish academics and students who perceive that they are being harassed or bullied should understand that they will be held to a different standard. It says that they should expect to be fair game for invective, and learn to live with feeling more vulnerable. Little wonder that the UCU has already seen many members of the Jewish faith, other faiths and none, vote with their feet and leave.

No-one's education should come at the cost of intimidation. I am calling on the Equality and Human Rights Commission, as the national champion for equality and good relations, to investigate.

This is an extremely important Governmental intervention that should boost the morale of all those who fear antisemitism. It proves, (as did yesterday's detention of Sheikh Salah), that Jews are by no means alone in recognising what is happening and in standing against it.

It is by no means certain that the Equality Commission will indeed investigate UCU; and the outcome of any such investigation remains to be seen. Nevertheless, this is a potentially crucial moment in the struggle against the institutional antisemitism of UCU and similar bastions of far Left anti-Zionism.

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