28 Sep 2011 by CST

As mobile communications become more and more important to people’s daily lives, it is critical that we offer simple ways of getting in touch and reporting antisemitic incidents.

Today, thanks to financial support from the Ministry of Justice Victims Fund, CST is launching ‘CST Report’, an innovative new method for reporting  antisemitic incidents to CST via all internet enabled mobile phones (similar to an App, but not limited to iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones).

This is not intended to replace the current methods of reporting incidents to CST (such as phone calls or emails); it is merely to add another option that we believe some people, especially the young, will find effective and convenient.

The mobile website allows the user to call the Police and CST’s emergency numbers at the touch of a button. When the incident is not an emergency, the user is encouraged to report the incident by completing the fields, including photos or video of the incident where appropriate, and submitting the report to CST. The incident will then be dealt with in the usual professional manner.

This video shows how to use CST REPORT:

A quick launch button can be installed to direct the user to the website (this does not take up the mobile’s memory space):

  • Android Bookmark the URL, go to home screen, select menu, shortcuts. Add Bookmark shortcut and then select CST
  • Blackberry Press menu, click add to home screen
  • iPhone Click the + icon at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Add to home screen’

To use the website, scan this QR code with your phone:

Alternatively, text CST to 80800 (text cost covered by CST) or you can insert http://cstreport.mobi into the search field in your mobile phone web browser.

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