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Facing Facts! call for experts on hate crime

15 November 2011

Facing Facts! is an EU-funded project to improve monitoring and recording of hate crimes and hate incidents across the European Union. CST is a partner organisation in the project alongside three other NGOs dealing with hate crime.

Call for experts to create hate crime data monitoring guidelines

The project, which began in March 2011, is now mapping the extent to which data gathering is currently undertaken by state actors and NGOs through a questionnaire in which we are asking international, national and local organizations involved in combating and monitoring hate incidents and crimes, to submit information about their data gathering methods and standards.

Facing Facts is looking for experts in demographic research, statistical analysis, hate crimes and human rights, who would be interested in identifying the best hate crime monitoring systems in use and in creating hate crime data monitoring guidelines.

The experts will be subcontracted for eleven working days to be spread among the following activities:

  • The Hague, January 25th-27th 2012 – Facing Facts! experts meeting which will bring together experts and partners in the project to 1) review current issues and needs for hate monitoring; 2) identify the best practices currently in use based upon a draft mapping report to be sent in advance; and 3) discuss which NGOs will be invited to participate in the establishment of standards and guidelines.
  • February – March 2012 – Guideline Workshop preparation for which experts will be asked to dedicate 5 working days to preparing the guideline workshop (materials, methodology, etc.)
  • Brussels, April 17th-20th 2012 – Facing Facts! Guideline Workshop which will gather experts and selected national/local organizations to create guidelines for future use.

At the end of the Guidelines Workshop, experts will be asked to submit an evaluation form containing feedback and inputs for future actions.

Facing Facts! will pay experts’ fees not exceeding a total of € 362 per day (VAT included).

Transport to and accommodation in The Hague and in Brussels will be covered by Facing Facts!

Please submit your CV and a statement of interest to [email protected] by November 25th 2011.

Facing Facts! Is a project coordinated by CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.


Financing provided by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and  Citizenship Programme.

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