Home Affairs Committee quotes CST on far right extremism

6 Feb 2012 by CST

The Home Affairs Committee has today published its report on the roots of violent radicalisation, and has warned of the growing danger of extreme right terrorism:

MPs have warned the government not to neglect the threat from extreme far-right terrorism.

In a report on radicalisation, the Home Affairs Committee said it had heard "persuasive evidence" about the potential danger.

The MPs also say internet service providers should make greater efforts to remove violent extremist material.


The MPs said violent Islamist radicalisation appeared to be declining but there may be increasing support for non-violent extremist views fuelled by "feelings of alienation".

"A view was expressed by some of those giving evidence to us… that the revised Prevent strategy only pays lip service to the threat from extreme far-right terrorism," the report added.

"We accept that Prevent resources should be allocated proportionately to the terrorist threat. However, we received persuasive evidence about the potential threat from extreme far-right terrorism."

The committee cited the growth of far-right groups with links to similar organisations in Europe.

"The ease of travel and communications between countries in Europe and the growth of far-right organisations… suggest that the current lack of firm evidence should not be a reason for neglecting this area of risk," the MPs said.

The report quotes evidence presented by Mike Whine on behalf of CST and the Board of Deputies of British Jews:

The Community Security Trust and Board of Deputies of British Jews jointly argued, in relation to the 17 right-wing extremists currently serving prison sentences for acts of terrorism, that their plots "involved the use of military explosives, biological warfare and firearms, indicating a capability not hitherto used by Islamist terrorism in the UK." Mike Whine, their representative, added in oral evidence that "one should not belittle the far right's capacity to engage in really serious terrorism and, if you look within Europe generally, then there have been even more serious cases."

The report, which covers a wide range of issues relating to different types of violent and non-violent extremism, places of radicalisation and the government's Prevent strategy, can be read in full here.

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